the pearl


Push her back onto her dining room table, shoving aside tiny little plastic roman numerals and dice, and laugh when she starts screeching about that single piece that sticks in her back.

Both of you have dreamed, daydreamed, fantasized about this, Cordelia Chase with her legs up and her clothes off and her laughing as she pulls first one of you, then the other, down and against her mouth, kissing both of you so damn sweetly that all your past fantasies are blown totally out of the water.

She's hot and delicious and wet against you, against both of you, her sweet iced-tea-with- lemon-tasting mouth, her tight hot perfect... perfection, so that you don't know which is better, and both of you try both just to get the experience.

Her back's on the dining room table, there's a faint cool breeze that makes you think that Dennis is joining in as well, and when you clench and come and groan out her name, you have to kiss someone, you have to feel lips against lips, teeth scraping teeth, and when you reach out and kiss each other, you hear her superheated gasp, but miss her large sweet smile as she comes.

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