the pearl

Rosy Future

"And, uh, I found this in her drawer. She told me it was a rose quartz. And it has healing powers. I thought she'd want you to have it." — Willow to Giles, "I Only Have Eyes for You"

Giles shook his head and tried to concentrate on his book. Yes, the book. The book on vampires. The big thick dusty old book on vampires.

Not Willow. No no no no no not Willow. Not the slim, gorgeous, lush young innocent who walked into his library, walked into his life. Not the girl with the long red hair that slid down her back and the long slim legs sliding up against his back, her flushed face looking up at him from the desk, her hair streaming out around her, her soft, wet...

Giles shook himself and sighed. He had been sitting here for over an hour, and had barely managed to get through a page. He straightened up and tried to resume his study of this particular passage.

He heard the library door swing open and the clacking heels of Buffy's thick heavy kick-ass-and-take-names boots. "Hey Giles," she said lightly, airily, with all the cheer and youth a girl who had literally fucked her boyfriend soulless could manage.

Giles looked up but did not stand, due to the obvious side-effect of his current train-of-thought. "B-Buffy," he said, his voice clipped. "H-How were your classes?"

Buffy whimpered. "Don't talk about it..." she said, walking back into the office to drop off her bag and change into her training outfit. Giles looked down at the book while she changed, trying to think away his erection. Maggie Thatcher naked...Maggie Thatcher naked...Maggie Thatcher naked on a cold night... He felt his erection slowly subside as the image of Maggie Thatcher standing naked in a snow drift. Then she shrunk down several dress sizes. And her bouffant turned into long silky red hair. And before he realized where his mind was going, it was Willow standing naked before him, beckoning him to her. His erection surged in his pants and he slowly, surely dropped his head to the table.

Buffy clomped back into the main room. "So where's Willow?" she asked, carrying her favorite crossbow.

Giles looked up. "I...I don't know...I'm assuming she's in her classroom because she's not here sucking my Big British Cock (tm) like I —" He suddenly stopped, his face pale.

Buffy gaped at him. "Uh...Giles?"

Giles looked at her, then looked at the table. Very closely. His-nose- touching-the-wood close. "Oh. My. God." He continued to keep his head on the table.

Buffy came over and touched his shoulder. "Giles? Is there something you want to tell me?"

"I don't know," he muttered into the table. "I can't stop thinking about her."

"Her who?"

Giles turned his head just slightly. "Willow. Willow-glorious Willow with the long red hair and the long slim legs and the small gorgeous breas..." He turned his head back onto the table. "I don't know what I'm doing," he finally said after a few minutes.

Buffy shook herself, trying to get her mind out of random thoughts she was having about Willow's breasts. "When did this start?" she finally asked.

Giles sat up and rubbed his eyes. "I don't know....since..." He frowned, then started rumaging through his pockets. "She..." He pulled out a small piece of rose quartz. "She gave me it this afternoon." Buffy picked up the rock from Giles, still listening to him. "She held it in her hands and gave it to me and my hands touched her soft, delicate hands, her elegant hands..."

"Giles, why are we talking about Willow? I'd much rather just show you my latest slaying technique — throwing you on the table and fucking you until you turn to dust." She looked up at Giles, then dropped the rock as if it was burning. "Oh God..." she said quietly. "We so need to find Willow." She picked up the rock carefully and ran out of the library. After a minute of remembering the nude, shivering former Prime Minister, Giles followed her.

The duo walked into the computer room, where Willow was just about to shut down the Macintosh-in-the-IBM-casing (the result of a prison work program that re-built computers). She turned towards them and grinned her wide innocent grin. "Giles! Buffy! What's up?"

Buffy held up the rock. "You remember this?"

Willow took the piece of quartz. "Yeah, I gave it to Giles." She looked up at Buffy. "Buffy, you're looking kind of...well...your face is all red and your breasts are incredible. I just want to rub my face in your cleavage and..." She turned bright red and looked down at her lap.

Buffy nodded. "See? You start saying things you wouldn't normally say. You started saying things about me, and I was saying thing about the big manly man Giles who I just want to tackle to the floor and give him the best fuck of his life..." She took a deep breath and blushed. "And then he was saying things about you."

Willow looked down at the rock. "Oh...oh my..this must be..." She turned back to the computer. "Ms. Calendar wrote something down about casting an erotic spell with a crystal to bind it. It must be this one." She pulled up the file and pointed at it. "See?" She read down further. "Oh...oh my..."

"What is it?" Giles said, trying not to touch Willow as he leaned over her.

Willow tried not to notice that odd thing poking into her back as he leaned over her. "The only way the spell is..." She looked down at her lap, unable to speak.

"What is it?" Buffy slid her hands over Giles and peeked through the crook of his arm, trying not to slide her hand down further. She read the file, then giggled nervously. "'The only way to end the spell is through long, hot sex?"

The trio slowly moved away from each other, looking at each other nervously. "We...uh....We can't spend the rest of our lives lusting after each other." Giles said quietly.

"So we should...?" Willow said, her eyes wide.

Buffy shrugged. "Okay, Giles, what do you say to your place?"

"I say that is a stellar idea," he said quietly. The three made their way to the parking lot, Giles looking directly at Willow the entire time. Finally, he said, "may I say that you are eminently fuckable, my dear...."

Willow blushed, and looked at Buffy. "Are you sure? I mean, you're so gorgeous why would you want me?"



"Shut up and get in the car."

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