the pearl

Shaving Her Legs

Willow has stopped shaving her legs.

She didn't notice, at first. It started when there was another big demon to take care of, and she was having to always be on alert, reading books and doing spells and taking care of things. Barely five minutes to shower, much less spend time with soap and razors.

She finally noticed one day, absently scratching her leg and realizing that there was several weeks' growth there. She panicked slightly, wondering where she kept her razors, or if it was past that point and only a trip to a beauty parlor and wax would work.

Tara never shaved her legs. When Willow asked her about it, back when they were still sleeping in different beds, she just shrugged and said that, back home, shaving your legs meant that you were ready to start dating boys.

Tara's legs were never meant to be parted by fumbling male hands, and the soft blonde hairs provided a shelter from them. No boys allowed here.

Willow has stopped shaving her legs. She read a book on feminism and beauty and realized that the razors were a vice. And on her legs, the slightly scratchy hair keeps her lover's hands warm.

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