the pearl

Sweets To The Sweet

Xander bounced into the library, whistling to himself.

Giles looked up from the heavy book on the table, frowning. "Hello...Xander..." he said, his voice foreboding.

"Giles!" Xander replied exuberantly. "How're the books today? Are they...bookish?"

Giles frowned even deeper. "Yes..." He looked back down at the book, trying to form a thought, then looked at the boy critically. Xander stood there, a giant grin on his face, quivering slightly. Giles looked back down at the book for a few more seconds, then finally spoke. " there something wrong?"

Xander grinned even wider and reached behind his back. "Candy!" he said, his voice eager and just a little high pitched.

Giles peered at the bag of candy, his eyes narrowing as he leaned in. He quirked an eyebrow. "Valentine's candy?" he asked, his voice dry.

Xander nodded energetically. "Yeah! Candy!" He poured the bag of red heart lollipops over the desk. "Gooooood candy!"

Giles pulled back slightly, looking over the now-completely-dishevled table. "Um....Xander," he said, his voice a tad annoyed. "You are aware that Valentine's day has long passed?"

Xander grinned widely. "See...that's the beauty of it! It's on SALE!" Xander held up a handful of lollipops and thrust them into Giles' face. "They're really good and they're really sugary and delicious and they're cheaper than they're supposed to be!" Xander pulled his hands back to his body, looking lovingly at the lollipops nestled between his fingers. "It's candy! Practically free candy!"

Giles frowned again. "Yes, I see that," he said, his voice quiet.

Xander looked at Giles, his big brown puppydog eyes beseeching.

Giles looked calmly back, completely unruffled.

Xander slumped into a chair, his face forlorn. "You are such a spoilsport."

Giles smiled slightly. "I simply didn't want you to be a slave to your.....sugar cravings." His hand moved slightly towards a lollipop.

Xander caught sight of his hand, and grinned. "And what about your.....cravings?"

Giles' hand paused, a scant millimeter from the lollipop. "I don't know what you're talking about," he said.

"I saw that hand!" Xander said, sitting up.

"What hand?"

"Admit it! You want it just as much as I do!" Xander's eyes gleamed with the knowledge.

Giles sat there, cool and collected.

Xander crawled onto the table, his face a scant inch from Giles. "Admit it. That craving is just gnawing at you...just tearing inside you...wanting that one thing that nothing else can give you...." He held up one of the lollipops. "Sugar."

Giles closed his eyes and grabbed the lollipop from Xander. He continued to keep his eyes closed as he unwrapped it and slid the red sweet and sour heart-shaped lollipop into his mouth.

Xander moved back into his chair, grinning madly, not saying a word.

After a second, Giles' eyes opened, his eyes matching Xander's. "50-50?" he said, sliding the lollipop out of his mouth.

"70-30," Xander replied. "I bought them."

"60-40 and I buy the next bag."

Xander nodded, his grin wide. "Done."

The two men looked down at the lollipops, their eyes shining, their lips licking their dry mouths hungrily. Then, suddenly, their eyes caught sight of the other, each man seeing his own lust etched on the other's. They promptly straightened up, looking aside.

"Shall we?" Giles said, pointing towards the office.

"Of course," Xander replied, scooping the lollipops up in his arms and carrying them tenderly.

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