the pearl

The Girl With The Sword

She's teasing me again.

She doesn't know she does it, but she is. Wearing those tight short mini-skirts, those skimpy tanktop, her bra strap showing.

I saw her on the first day she enrolled. I had to go into the faculty washroom and splash cold water on my face. She was a gorgeous young creature, lush, ripe, just perfect for the picking. She was an innocent vixen when I first saw her.

Then Bob told me she was a troublemaker. Fights. Fires. Expulsion. It changed everything. She wasn't an innocent. She was a slut. A troublemaker. A bad girl. Cutting class to go behind the gym to smoke and give older guys blow jobs.

When Bob died, I took over as principal. And she changed again. She was violent. A domineering bitch. Whip in one hand and me in the other. She needed to be controlled. She needed to be punished. To be told again who is in charge. I'm the principal. She's the student.

On the night she was caught at the crime scene, I expelled her. I ran my mouth lovingly over the words, waiting for her reaction. Would she cry? Would she come up to me and say she'd do anything to stay in school? I finally had her where I wanted her.

And then she pulled out the sword. "You never got a single date in high school, did you?"

I paused for a second. "Your point being?"

She left the room, pointing the sword at my face. I nearly came in my pants at the sight. My beautiful blond bitch. My Buffy.

I knew she was trouble. I didn't realize how much.

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