the pearl

The Inevitable Purchase of Curtains

"I don't understand why we just don't use those sheets," Jensen whined as he followed Cougar and Jess, who were both heading towards home furnishings.

"I am not visiting you in your new house if you have Star Wars sheets in your living room window," Jess said. "You buy a house together, you get proper curtains."

"Those are heirloom Star Wars sheets!" Jensen protested, even as he hustled slightly to catch up.

Cougar looked at the curtains for a few minutes, then selected a plain set.

Jensen looked at them, nose wrinkled. "You sure?" he asked, grabbing a set of Spiderman curtains. "How about these? They're curtains!"

Cougar gave him a look, affectionate but exasperated, and walked towards the registers.

"Or how about camouflaged!" Jensen shouted at his back, holding up another set. "Come on!"

They ignored him, still walking, and he grabbed the Spiderman curtains before running after them.

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