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The Transcript Of The #metamagick Room, Sunday, January 5th, 1996

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IncredibleMrLimpet: [Sarah-la-Kali] "astronauts go back in time to hang out with the cave people..."

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Sarah-la-Kali: Hi, everyone!

Black_Annis: Jen!

EIR: Jenny!

chm0d: Hey, Jenny

womanwfte: hi jenny. how's it going?

Sarah-la-Kali: Sorry about being late -- problems with the subway, again.

Black_Annis: Excited about tonight, Jen?

Sarah-la-Kali: I'm excited every night, BA. ;)

Black_Annis chuckles.

Sarah-la-Kali: But, yeah, I'm really excited. It'll be exciting to see what happens.

womanwfte: i haven't been able to pay attention to the list -- what're we doing tonight in the circle?

Black_Annis: Jen and I worked out a divination ritual. Jen's got -- what will you be taking tonight?

Sarah-la-Kali: Psilocybin.

chm0d: You old hippie!

Sarah-la-Kali: Like *you're* one to talk, Jurgen...

Sarah-la-Kali: Anyways, I went with what was readily available from the Magic Box. They keep huge jars of mushrooms in the back, next to the marnak root, of all things.

womanwfte: i did mushrooms once -- it was really nice. but they taste terrible.

Sarah-la-Kali: I'm having it as a tea. Hopefully it won't be *too* awful.

Sarah-la-Kali: Picked it up during lunch on Friday -- I nearly tried it out during afternoon class.

EIR: Ha!

Black_Annis: The effects will take around 20 minutes to really kick in -- have you started drinking it?

Sarah-la-Kali: Just about to. BRB.

EIR: So, tonight, Jen's gonna take the tea and then we'll set the circle. When the effects kick in, Jen's gonna start doing free-form typing, the fish'll log it all, and we're gonna see what happens.

womanwfte: wow!

Black_Annis: We're hoping for some really amazing work tonight.

Sarah-la-Kali: This tastes *terrible*.

womanwfte: i told you. ;)

EIR: The things we do for magick, huh, Jenny?

Sarah-la-Kali: Ugh.

Black_Annis: You about ready, Jen?

Sarah-la-Kali: ... Finished the tea. Let me go get something else to drink to take away the taste.

womanwfte: try orange juice. that's what we drank.

Sarah-la-Kali: Okay, back. And, yeah, I picked up orange juice.

Black_Annis: Are we ready?

Sarah-la-Kali: Yes.

chm0d: Yeah.

EIR: Yep.

womanwfte: ready

Black_Annis: Right.

Black_Annis goes over to Mr. Limpet and snaps her fingers.

IncredibleMrLimpet stirs to life, humming "I Wish I Was A Fish" as he swims around the room, turning down the lights.

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IncredibleMrLimpet swims back to his corner and closes his eyes for a long nap.

Black_Annis moves to the altar, her skirt swinging against her ankles. From the collection on the altar, she picks up a whisp of smoke.

Black_Annis: My name is Black Annis. My name is Emily Jane Lawrence. My name is Mother. My name is Grandmother. I call upon air. I call upon breath. I cast this point.

Black_Annis blows the smoke out into the center of the room.

chm0d walks to the altar, and moves to the center of the room, cupping water in his hands.

chm0d: My name is chm0d. My name is Jurgen Hans von Bilden. My name is Professor. My name is Father. I call upon water. I call upon blood. I cast this point.

chm0d lifts up his hands, throwing the water into the air. It drizzles down onto everyone, splashing on the floor.

EIR heads to the altar. She takes out a Zippo lighter and flicks it on, the flame delicately leaping from the lighter to the palm of her hand.

EIR: My name is EIR. My name is Eryn. My name is Erin Marie Browning. My name is Bitch. My name is Dyke. I call upon fire. I call upon life. I cast this point.

EIR flicks the fire into the center of the room, where it burns brightly.

womanwfte reaches down beneath the altar and grabs a handful of earth from the floor.

womanwfte: my name is woman-who-fell-to-earth. my name is atahensic. my name is michelle leanne duchamp. my name is student. i call upon dirt. i call upon green. i cast this point.

womanwfte sprinkles the dirt over the center of the room.

Sarah-la-Kali goes to the altar and lifts up a motherboard.

Sarah-la-Kali: My name is Sarah-la-Kali. My name is Jennifer Mary Calendar. My name is Secrets. My name is Teacher. I call upon technology. I call upon the future. I cast this point.

Sarah-la-Kali lifts the motherboard over her head. It expands to become a roof, circuits gleaming in the darkness.

Black_Annis: We cast this circle.

EIR: We cast this circle.

womanwfte: we cast this circle

chm0d: We cast this circle.

Sarah-la-Kali: We cast this circle.

Black_Annis: Now, in this sacred space, we focus, rejuvenating our minds and spirits, and begin.

Sarah-la-Kali: It's starting to kick in.

Black_Annis: Do you want to begin?

Sarah-la-Kali: Yeah. It's...different. Interesting.

Sarah-la-Kali: I think I like it.

Black_Annis: Speak to us, sister. Tell us of secrets.

Sarah-la-Kali: The room is fuzzy and soft. The walls are breathing and everything's alive -- oh, I've never seen anything so alive. I've never been so alive. Sunlight bright light beautiful light in a land of constant sun.

Sarah-la-Kali: But there's also constant dark. Neverending terrible darkness. Binary society, the great battle, and the liminal space -- a school. Liminal space for liminal beings.

Sarah-la-Kali: A town of death and fire and destruction -- a constant neverending cycle of *end*. People dead of neck injury but I've seen the faces I've seen the smiles I've seen the trouble that lies in dale, buried under the sun.

Sarah-la-Kali: they called it the mouth of hell you know

Black_Annis: Tell us of secrets.

Sarah-la-Kali: The first time I saw a motherboard I was 14. We had moved and my uncle was arranging a marriage for me and I spent all my time at school hiding from men and boys and my destiny. A teacher handed me a book on computers and showed me a circuit.

Sarah-la-Kali: The lines of the palm of my hand, the lines of a circuit, the veve drawn in cornmeal, they're all connected, they're all one. And I knew I could not fall into the trap of marriage and babies and nothing. My uncle had a destiny, and he forgave me my trespasses, even as I laughed and left and joined another world.

Sarah-la-Kali: Books and worlds and the veve of circuitry imprinted in my brain imprinted on my body, the whorls of my fingers the whorls of my soul.

EIR: Tell us of secrets.

Sarah-la-Kali: He comes with books -- old tomes that smell of secrets and death. He stutters and smiles and is so bloody *British* he doesn't realize what's before him, what's to come. Oh God, why now? When so much is important, why now? How can I hold back the tide when he looks at me and smiles?

Sarah-la-Kali: Fallen man laughs laughs laughs. Black leather and blacker nothingness inside. He won't stop laughing. Leap year February and as he laughs there's a *crack*.

Sarah-la-Kali: No no no no no NO. I will not go quietly, I will not fade away, I will haunt this place until the end of all things.

womanwfte: tell us of secrets.

Sarah-la-Kali: I am fury. Wrath and anger and rage rage *rage*. Alecto Megaera Tisiphone eyes dripping with blood and head wreathed with serpents. I will NOT be silenced. I will not be still. I am revenge I am destruction I shall seek my vengeance upon thee, Angelus, and you shall pay for your multitude of sins upon my people.

Sarah-la-Kali: Gods, goddesses, spirits, demons, all creatures above and below, hear my plea, hear my cry, hear of my torment in the land of darkening sunlight do not let the earth silence my bones.

chm0d: Tell us of secrets.

Sarah-la-Kali: Yanna Janna Jenna Jennifer Jenny

Sarah-la-Kali: Bucharest Budapest Vienna Brussels New York Chicago Cleveland Wichita Albequerque Phoenix Los Angeles

Sarah-la-Kali: Agasaya Astarte Asherah Athena Artemis Ammit Amn

Sarah-la-Kali: the laughing angel. the avenging maiden. the mouth of hell. and me me me with my bones silenced............

Sarah-la-Kali: I can't. I can't I can't I CAN'T.

Black_Annis: Ctrl-3, Jenny. Open the door. OPEN THE DOOR.

Sarah-la-Kali closes her eyes and waves her fingers in the air. A door appears behind her, bright white light enveloping her as she exits the circle.


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