the pearl

Transitions And Revelations

Xander reached up, stretching for that one slim volume on the top shelf of the library, his t-shirt riding up, revealing the tiny amount of baby fat still on his belly.

"Pretty enough for a picture," a voice said behind him, causing Xander to whirl around, pulling the book down on top of his head.

Xander cursed under his breath, rubbing his head, then looked up. He paled as he realized who was standing above him. "Angel..." Xander said, his voice a low whisper.

Angelus grinned cockily. "My my my..." he said, his eyes tracing over Xander's body. "You look tasty enough to eat..."

Xander licked his dry lips, trying to control his shaking. It's just's just fear... "I hope you mean that in a figurative sense," he said, his voice shaky.

Angelus' grin grew wider. "Depends on what I'm eating," he said, his voice seductively slow, stealing a quick glance down to Xander's jeans. His hands grasped the bookshelf, effectively trapping Xander. "Now....remember the last time we were in a situation like this?"

Xander blushed, his body reacting instantly to the images rushing through his mind — images of that dark night in a cold alleyway, and the angry lust that flared through him.

Angelus' eyes were darkly amused. "Yeah, I know you do. Remember how much you wanted it?" He leaned in, his mouth barely an inch away from Xander's. "Wouldn't you love to feel that again?"

Xander closed his eyes for a second, a million voices screaming in his head, then one overpowered them all. His eyes opened slowly, and he looked up. "Yes," he said, his voice barely audible. He straightened up and looked directly into Angelus's eyes, lust-filled brown eyes matching the other's. "Yes, I do," he said, his voice firmer. "Damn you, I want it."

Angelus smirked, and took a step back. "If you want it," he said, an eyebrow quirked up. "Come get —"

He was interrupted by Xander's lips on his own, claiming him in a fierce kiss. Angelus' arms wrapped around the boy, pulling him close to his body, feeling Xander's hard cock against his thigh and rubbing his own against the boy. Xander only broke the kiss to breathe, taking quick gulps of air before returning to his brutal conquering of Angelus' mouth.


Cordelia knew that despite Xander's relative brainlessness, it didn't take him that long to find a book. She walked up to the stacks, her eyes narrowed. She looked from aisle to aisle, then saw it.

Her eyes widened and her body stiffened, paralyzed by her fear and shock. In front of her, Xander stood, his body crushed up against Angel, kissing him with a passion she didn't know he had.

Her instincts kicked in and she fled, her heels clacking on the stairs. She was almost to the doors, she was almost free, when suddenly —

"Cordelia? Is everything all right?"

Cordelia froze, attempted to regain some semblance of order, and turned to face Giles. "Of course..I'm just...I'm going..." It wasn't working. Her shoulders slumped. "Oh God, it's just all wrong..." she said quietly.

Giles moved towards the young girl. "What is?" he asked, his voice quiet.

Cordelia's head was down, and her shoulders shaking in silent sobs. "Xander," she was finally able to say. "I saw him...he was..." She took a deep breath. "He was kissing someone else." She broke down, crying. "He had his arms and his lips on someone else....and he wanted him more than he ever wanted me..."

Giles wrapped her arms around her and let her cry. "Shhhh..." he said softly, stroking her long hair. "It's okay...."

Cordelia continued to sob, her tears dampening Giles' waistcoast. After a minute, her sobs began to fade, and she realized what she was doing, feeling the warm firm chest under her face, the hands stroking her hair. She looked up, and saw him looking down at her. "Giles?" she said, her voice soft.

"Yes?" he said, his voice just as soft.

She blushed slightly, not knowing how to say what was on her mind without seeming terribly naive or terribly crude. "Do you..." She took a deep breath. "Do you like me?"

She felt his body relax against hers, and he smiled. "Yes," he said, his voice happy. "Yes I do." One of his arms dropped to around her waist, pulling her close to him. "And I'm certain I like you much more than Xander seems to be," he said wryly.

Cordelia looked up into his eyes, her eyes wide and luminous. "Good. Because right now, I need to know that someone likes me." She moved close to him, pressing her body against his. "I have to" She tilted her head up and pressed her lips against his, a soft, tender kiss.

Giles pulled her tight against him, crushing his lips against hers in a passionate kiss. His tongue traced the edges of her lips until she opened her mouth, then plundered it, leaving her boneless and supported entirely by her arms wrapped around his neck.

They moved quickly to the office, their tongues dueling, their kisses frantic. Giles pushed the papers on his desk to the ground, then sat her on top of it. He broke away for a second to lock the door and shut the blinds, then returned to Cordelia's lush mouth.


Xander slid his mouth away from Angelus', panting. "You know what I want?" he whispered roughly into the other man's ear. "Huh?" He pressed his hard cock against Angelus's thigh, rubbing it against the layers of cloth.

"What?" Angelus said, his voice harsh with lust. "What do you want?"

"A blowjob from you," Xander said, his voice sharp and rough and dirty. "I want you on your knees, your mouth filled with my cock, and you liking it." His hands began to push on Angelus's shoulders.

Angelus went down easily, falling onto his knees between Xander's legs, his hands sliding from around Xander's waist, cupping his ass momentarily before moving to the boy's jeans and belt. Angelus undid them quickly, pulling the pants down far enough to reveal his throbbing cock. He looked up into Xander's eyes and kept the gaze as he took the boy's blazing hot cock into his mouth.

Xander's head tipped back against the shelves and he groaned, thrusting into the cool wetness of Angelus' mouth. "Oh yeah..." he said, his voice low and throaty. "Yeah, that's it...oh yeah...right there..." His hands clutched Angelus' shoulders, the knuckles whitening.

Angelus' hands reached around, grasping Xander's hips, pulling him deeper into him, his throat relaxing due to years of practice. Unlike the last time, Xander was in control, and Angelus responded in a way that he hadn't in many years. His cock was painfully hard, and his mouth grinned around Xander's cock. Oh yeah....this was good...


Giles slid his hands over Cordelia's body, marking every inch of her flesh with his touch. His mouth covered hers in a continual kiss, breaking only for brief gasps of air. "My dear girl..." he whispered in her ear. "What do you want me to do?"

Cordelia panted into his ear. "I....Everything...I...I want you..." She moaned softly as she felt Giles' hands slide under her skirt and up her thighs.

Giles' fingers hooked around her knickers and pulled them down, sliding them down her thighs, past her knees, down her ankles, and past her feet. He took them and tucked them into his coat pocket, then fell to his knees in front of her. He lifted her skirt up to her hips, then gently kissed her inner thighs.

Cordelia leaned back against the walls, whimpering. "Oh..." she whispered. "Oh yes..."

Giles gently spread her thighs apart and kissed her softly on her clit, causing her to buck her hips and run her fingers through his hair. His tongue dipped down between her lips, tasting her, worshipping her with his mouth.

Cordelia writhed on the desk, making tiny noises in the back of her throat, her hands guiding him by pushing, pulling, tightening when he hit that oh-so-perfect spot. Xander had never done anything like this....Xander had never made her feel like a goddess...


Xander felt himself get close, and, despite how tempting it was to shoot himself down into the vampire's throat, he knew he wanted more. He wrapped his hands around Angelus' hair, pulling the other man's head from his cock.

Angelus looked up into his eyes, confusion evident. "Wha...?"

Xander looked directly at him. "You got any lube?" His hands slid down to grip Angelus' ass. "Last time, you had me. Now I want you."

Angelus reached into his coat, pulled out a small bottle of lube and handed it to Xander, then unbuckled the belt around his pants. While Xander liberally covered his cock with the lube, the cooling liquid calming him slightly, Angelus removed his pants and grasped a low shelf of the opposite bookcase, presenting his bare ass to the boy.

Xander coated two of his fingers with lube and slowly put them up Angelus. Angelus bit his lip gently, containing his moan, his hips bucking back to drive Xander's fingers in deeper. Xander stretched him for a bit longer, then removed them, leaving Angelus open. He placed the head of his cock directly at Angelus' entrance, rubbing it gently. "Angel..." he said, his voice a harsh whisper. "Tell me you want it."

Angelus closed his eyes as Xander grasped his hips, preventing him from pushing back and letting that cock enter him. He gritted his teeth. "I want it," he said, knowing that those three words would damn him forever.

Xander smiled a conqueror's smile and pushed himself in. Tight wet coolness surrounded his cock, and he groaned softly.


Cordelia's hands ran through Giles' hair as he worshipped at her cunt. But it was becoming too much, far too much. Her hands ran down to his shoulder, pulling on him, trying to move him.

Giles lifted his head away from Cordelia. "What is it?" he asked, his voice low and husky.

"Too...too much...I want..." Cordelia attempted to speak through her panting. "I want you in me..."

Giles' head dropped down for a second, thanking whatever deity had brought the two of them here, then stood, unfastening his belt and trousers hastily. Cordelia began to work on his waistcoat and shirt, trying to feel as much flesh as she could. Giles' pants dropped to his ankles, revealing his very hard cock.

He crushed his mouth against hers, kissing her roughly as his hands reached between them to squeeze her breasts. Her back arched, pressing more of her breasts into his hands as his cock gently prodded at her entrance. He broke the kiss momentarily. "Cordelia..." he breathed. "Cordelia, is this what you want? Is this what you want now?"

"Giles..." she said quietly, her brown eyes looking directly at him. "Shut up and fuck me."

Giles' mouth met hers in a rough, passionate kiss as he plunged into her tight hot wetness. She bucked against him, moaning into his mouth, pushing him entirely into her.


Xander thrust into Angelus again and again, the pleasure mounting almost to the point of no return. Angelus pushed back against him, matching him thrust for thrust, his hands white-knuckled against the bookshelf. One hand slid down between his legs, gripping his painfully hard cock.

Xander's hand pushed away Angelus' hand. "Oh no you don't," he whispered roughly into the vampire's ear. "If you're gonna come, it's because I'm going to let you." His hand wrapped around Angelus' cock, squeezing hard.

Angelus moaned and bucked his hips faster, pressing into Xander's hand then pulling back to take the boy deeper into his ass. It was so good, it was too good, it was too much...

He came hard, spilling himself all over Xander's hands, his body spasming hard around Xander's cock.

Xander groaned and thrust harder, his body jerking back and forth on its own volition, until, with one final hard thrust, he shot up into Angelus, biting the vampire's shoulder through his shirt.


Giles pumped into Cordelia quickly, his hips moving in a rapid rhythm, plunging into her soft sweet hot wetness, his mouth tracing over her face. Cordelia moaned softly with every instroke, her arms tightening around him as she grew closer and closer to that point of no return.

"Oh Giles...." she moaned into his ear. "Oh God...I..." She dissolved into a wordless groan.

"Yes...Yes that's it....come, Cordelia...come for me..." he said, his body pounding into her on every word.

"Oh!" she yelled out as she came, her body shaking, her hands clenching on his shoulders.

Giles felt her tighten around him, and he lost all control, thrusting harder and harder until, finally, he came, his hips slamming into her one final time as his head fell on her shoulder.


Xander slipped out of Angelus slowly, grinning viciously. He wiped himself on Angelus' shirt then re-dressed, pulling his jeans up and tucking in his softening cock. He looked away as Angelus dressed, ignoring the vampire he had just fucked rather viciously.

Finally, after a while, he turned back to Angelus, his brown eyes narrowed. "Remember, Angel," he said quietly. "I own you now."

Angelus shot him a dirty look as he walked out of the library.


Giles held Cordelia in his arms, kissing her forehead gently as she slowly came down. She lifted her head slightly and kissed him softly, tenderly, her lips pressed against him in a gentle passion. Giles returned her gentle kiss, then pulled away long enough to pull back on his trousers.

Cordelia smoothed down her skirt, and then frowned. "My panties?" she asked.

Giles looked at her with a twinkle in his eye. "You'll have to come and get them later," he said, his voice light. "Preferably...tonight? My place?

Cordelia smiled widely and slid off the desk. "See you then," she said softly, placing a finger on his lips before she walked out of the office.

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