the pearl

Virgin (The Intern(al) Remix)

Remix of Virgin by CJ

She thinks of me as just an intern. And interns aren't supposed to see anything, y'know. It's one of the big unwritten rules, along with "Don't get caught sleeping with your boss" and "If they want jamocha almond fudge at 3:45am, then they're gonna get jamocha almond fudge."

Interns are supposed to hand things to people and then quickly go away. And that's what I do. I find. I hand. I throw away. I go away.

She doesn't know I watch.

I've seen her hand slide under her top and pinch her nipple hard. I've heard the gasps she makes. I've even touched that dildo Justin sent her after they broke up — he wrapped it in tissue paper and ribbon, with a little card like it was chocolates or flowers or anything but a giant rubber cock.

It was sticky when I touched it. She must use it every night.

I saw her this morning when I was on my knees sucking off this guy — I don't remember his name, and I doubt he remembers mine. She didn't think I noticed, but I did. I saw her humping the table, and I was on display.

It was like I was her, for a bit.

And that's the number one unwritten rule of the intern. You're not them. Despite being on display, despite the smiles and looks you get when you're next to your golden creature, you're not that person.

She's in an interview at the moment, and I'm standing outside the door, making sure she's not disturbed. The door's cracked open slightly and I can see her hand down her pants, twisting slowly around and around as she smiles and answers the questions.

"Yes, I'm a virgin," she says, that smile wide and glamourous.

Number one unwritten rule of the intern is that you're not that person.

I'm not a virgin.

She definitely is.

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