the pearl


This is so lame. It'd be something one of those kids on Dawson's Creek would've done — staying up until midnight, counting down until the date changes and waiting you're 18.

I mean, there's no difference between today and tomorrow — it's not like my birthday really changes things — I don't automatically transform into something new and different and exciting. I'm still going to be me...

(Unless, of course, I do end up changing on my birthday — I wonder if there's anythings in the books about that?)

But this is so lame. Did I mention that? Staying up late just to make sure it's after midnight and I'm 18.


I could've just called today. I could've said "Hey, I'm 18 tomorrow. That means I'm a full legal adult, right? Wanna go out to a movie or something and then maybe something more because I'm legal and it's okay and I've been in love with you since I was 16 and damnit, I'm tired of waiting?"

She could still say no. God, she could still say no. She could say "I'm sorry, Dawnie, but I don't feel the same way about you. You're like my baby sister..."

No. No, damnit, she will say yes. And we'll go to the movies and then we'll go back to her place and I'll be a perfect gentleman (gentlewoman? whatever) and kiss her and that's it.

For now.


God, why aren't I 18 yet?


It doesn't really make a difference.

So why am I waiting?

I could just pick up the phone right now and call her and, okay, it's 11:59, so by the time I dial the numbers, it'll be midnight, right?

This is so lame!

Okay, okay, it's 11:59. Phone in hand, number about to be dialed, here I go...


"Hi, Tara? It's Dawn..."

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