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stories by slayer

First Slayer (The beginning)
Bed Of Bones
The life and thoughts of the Prime Slayer. By Roz Kaveney.
Chosen One
She was pulled from the aether, given form, and named Slayer. By s.a.
The First
Once she had a name, it was not important anymore. By Alex.
Seeing that the male priests were attempting to steal the strength of the Feminine and use it to their own purposes, these witches knew they had to protect her from future hardship. by Blitzgal.
The Nature Of Things
The origin of the species -- a brief pre-history lesson. By Nostalgia.
The Primitive Slayer and her pre-Slaying life, Slaying life, and post-Slaying life. By Amberina.

"Grendel" (Ancient England)
Daughter Of The Hall
On monsters, hospitality, and death in cold places. By Jennifer-Oksana.

The Chosen One (Pre-Roman Britain)
To See Another Sunrise
The Slayer in pre-Roman Britain. By Gunbunny.

Helena (717)
Never Again
A long-ago Slayer leads the Watcher's Council to a very important decision. By Christina.

Karida (819)
Cool Desert Air
Karida had been born in the Kerkhe district in this, the City of Peace. Strange ships landed at the busy wharves daily, bringing new curses and new demons her way. By Wendy.

Isabelle (1209)
God Will Know His Own
Isabelle was not to be found among the common labourers and whores. She was not spreading her legs for the mercenaries, nor preparing their food. The new Slayer's ability had shown itself in her youth, and she stood before me in armour. By Wendy.

Eithene (Renaissance)
Her Mother's House
Thoughts of a former slayer. By Soren Nyrond.

Ana (1790s)
The Story Of A Vigil
A Spanish slayer coming to terms with her duty. By HumbugGirl.

"The Girl" (1880s)
Bell. Glass. Candle.
The watcher, the slayer, and the spiritualist. By Kate Bolin.

Chinese Slayer (1900)
Foreign Devils
Foreigners, fists, fangs, and the Chinese Slayer. By Indri.
Mother And Child
The Slayer, her Watcher, and the Boxer Rebellion. By Francis.
The life of Spike's first dead Slayer. By Wendy.

Mija (1930s)
Naming The Demons
A nation bowed under oppression, where the footsteps of demons cross the streets both night and day. By Lara Dean-Brierly.

Iris (The Blitz)
Dig For Victory
Slaying during the Blitz. By Nostalgia.

Nedelya Ivanova (1942)
Vita Detestabilis
Life is cheap. A Slayer's life is cheaper. By Twinkledru J.

Nikki (1977)
Doin' It
What Nikki learned from being the Slayer. By Selena Ulrich.
Step Back In Time
New York, 1977. The Slayer saves another victim. By Dolores Labouchere.

Magarida (1981)
Slayers and vampires have loved before. It's never ended well. By Jennifer-Oksana.