Animal Instincts
by Viviane

I stretched in my chair to ease the cramps away. I had spent the entire night here, reading, doing crosswords, and whatever else I could think of to avoid falling asleep. At last the first rays of the sun were appearing in the library, which meant that I would be free to go home. Thank goodness it was Sunday, I would at least be able to sleep once I arrived back home. With a yawn I got up and made my way to the cage. If Oz was back to normal, I would nip out to buy some breakfast.

My eyes moved over the young man's body. He was sleeping peacefully, sprawled on the ground, his head resting on his forearm, as usual. I stayed there, in front of the cage, for a while longer than necessary. He was so attractive. My gaze slid over the curve of his shoulders, over the rippling muscles of his chest and stomach, lingering a while on the tender pink nipples, before moving downwards. One arm was stretched down to his groin, his hand half-concealing his intimacy. I bit at my lip. Under his curled fingers, I could glimpse his erection. I let out a sigh and shook my head. It really wasn't decent for me to watch my students like this. It was fortunate that he had never caught me looking at him, whatever would he think...? Whatever would Willow think? I felt myself blush, and decided it was time for me to go out and buy breakfast.

I made my way out, thinking that I really must be an old pervert. It was true that Oz and Willow weren't dating anymore, since Willow had been caught kissing Xander. But they were young, they still had time to patch things up. Besides, even if Oz was free — I nearly laughed at myself aloud — what on earth would ever be possible between us? I was responsible for him, he was a student and under my protection. But sometimes, just sometimes, my mind wandered. I imagined how his velvety lips would feel against mine, how his long fingers could stroke my naked skin... I sighed. If they only knew, if they knew that prim Rupert Giles, the Englishman who always kept a stiff upper-lip, could crave for sex — and with another man, at that. Of course, in my youth I had been wild, and I had experimented a lot... and that age of my life was well over, except in my fantasies.

I stopped in the middle of the corridors, clucking my tongue. I had forgotten my wallet. I knew that it lay on my desk in the library. With an irritated sigh, I turned and hurried back to the library. My fantasies had made my brain go as wobbly as jelly... I quietly opened the library door, careful not to awaken Oz, who needed some more sleep. I sighted the wallet, and thought that it would be grinning at me mockingly if it could. Then my eyes turned to the cage, and I stopped, paralysed.

Oz sat in the cage, half-turned away from me, his eyes closed, his head slightly tilted back. He was caressing himself. Beads of sweat slid down his ivory skin, and his breath was loud and short, quiet groans escaping his throat now and then. Now I didn't know what to do, if I had to flee as fast as I could or just stay there until he noticed me. My body seemed as heavy as lead, I wondered if my legs would actually carry me outside... Oz stopped, and turned around to me. Now I felt really stupid. I flushed, and walked to the desk, pretending that I hadn't seen anything. I took hold of the wallet, shoved it into my pocket and prepared to rush out of the room.

'Giles?' Oz's voice arose behind me, and I cringed.

'Wh... y... yes, Oz?' I stuttered, panicking and keeping my back turned to him.

'I was wondering if you'd let me out of the cage?' He asked, his voice slightly uneven as he tried to control his breath. I felt myself turn a darker shade of red, and forced myself to look towards him. He didn't seem at all uneasy by my seeing him. He was still sitting against the wall, not even trying to hide his groin.

'Er well... of course, of course,' I said, walking towards the cage, feeling my hands, my legs, my entire body tremble. Oz stood up, which made things even worse. Not even the shadows in the room could save his modesty now, his erect member stood firmly against his stomach and was fully visible. It didn't seem to bother him that I could see him in such a state. I stopped in front of the cage and was about to unlock it, when his voice made me violently start.

'I'm sorry you saw me doing that,' he said, smoothly and gently. Oh if only he hadn't mentioned it! Now we had to discuss it, and I wasn't prepared for that.

'I... uhm... well I suppose it's natural... at your age...' I managed to let out. The usual Oz-smirk appeared on his face, his eyes peered into mine with a cheeky look.

'I guess so. It's part of the werewolf thing,' he added. I forced myself to smile politely.

'Hardly surprising really... being a werewolf must... uhm... well... your hormones...' I swallowed hard, unable to speak coherently. If he knew how much he was torturing me. Of course, he just saw me like an old sexually inhibited librarian, the idea of me having erotic fantasies about him must seem as improbable as Willow failing a Maths test. My hand moved to the lock again, I had decided against continuing my answer about werewolves, I felt as if my brain had shut down, anyway.

'Giles, look at me,' said Oz. It was a quiet, gentle order, but it was so full of power that I could only obey. I gazed into his eyes, watching his long face, his nostrils that flared like those of an animal, his green eyes that calmly watched me, the wonderful red spikes that covered his head, and his mouth... I felt myself tremble even more as Oz came closer to me, until his body touched the cold grating of the cage. I watched as the metal pressed into his tender flesh, as his fingers slowly and sensually slipped through the lattice and gripped it. But I had to snap out of this. He was a student and we weren't supposed to be doing this.

'Yes, Oz?' I asked, as coolly as I possibly could. He gave me another of his lustful, provocative smiles.

'You know that I can smell things...' He murmured, as if to force me to come closer so that I could hear him.

'What kind of things?' I asked, nearly choking with panic and desire mixed. My body was begging me to give in, to seduce him, to satisfy my desire now... but my mind, my morals, would not have it.

'I can track people down by their scent. I can smell pheromones,' he said.

'Oh, you've developed the sense of smell that a wolf would normally...'

'I can smell desire,' he cut me off. I looked away from him. 'The scent is so strong that I can nearly taste it.' I wondered what shade of red I had gone. I was standing there in front of him, staring at my shoes, trying not to feel his hot breath on me, not to think of his naked, aroused body that I craved to touch, not to admit that his words were clearly seductive. I had to stop this right now, before it was too late.

'I don't know what you are talking about, Oz,' I said, as primly as I possibly could, and I unlocked the cage, then walked away, to the desk, pretending to tidy up the pile of papers that I had already filed a few hours ago. I heard the cage door open, and Oz followed me to the desk. I trembled harder, wondering what on earth could ever happen, terrified by the idea, but terribly excited too...

Oz's hand closed around my wrist. The pressure was minimal, but a shiver went through my entire body. His light grasp forced me to turn around and face him. I was perhaps a foot taller than him and nearly twice as heavy, but I there was a tranquil authority in him that took all my willpower away. Oz looked up into my eyes, cocking his head a little. It was this deep, knowing, wise gaze... it was driving me mad with desire and fear.

'I think you know what I'm talking about, Giles,' he said in a low, husky voice. Both his hands were caressing mine lightly but with the most sensual strokes. I couldn't answer. All I could do was to tremble and shiver under his touch, and stare at his green eyes. I closed my eyes, taking in a long deep breath. This was wrong, my mind screamed. Whatever my body said, duty came first. I took a step back, away from him.

'I... I don't... I don't know if this is a... a really good idea, Oz,' I stammered, trembling. I could feel him watch me, and his gaze made me uncomfortable. I took off my glasses and started to polish them with my handkerchief.

'Why not?' He asked, casually taking my glasses out of my hands and walking towards the table. My gaze followed him, as if I were hypnotised by him, by the supple movement of his muscles, the slight swaying of his buttocks... even in the blur of my short-sightedness, he looked incredibly desirable.

'Well... because... because you're a student...' He remained silent. 'Because it's not right... that's why.' Oz hauled himself onto the table and turned to look at me. Oh how could I resist those eyes? This look that was telling me that all my reasoning was useless, and that he would have me anyway if he wanted to. Why resist something that I knew was going to happen?

I came close to him, our faces were nearly at the same height now, and he reached out to take hold of my hands again. This time he drew me to him, until our lips were close, until I stood between his parted thighs. He guided my hands until they touched his naked back. I tried to refrain from gasping, letting out a hiccup of surprise and delight as I brushed against his flesh. It had been a while since I hadn't done this... too long. I ran my fingers over the soft skin, lightly. Oz's hands cupped my face, and I could smell his excited genitals on his palms, a thick musky animal scent that made my swollen crotch ache even more. Suddenly, he kissed me. His mouth closed over my lower lip, sensually, then slowly released it again, his teeth closing over it. I was overwhelmed by the sensations now, my light touch became heavier, I pressed my hands against his soft skin and pulled him to me. My lips sought his this time, I sucked at them, slipped my tongue between them to find his, to stroke it, to suck it...

Oz didn't resist my passion, but I felt him smile. He could feel proud for having broken the dam of my morals, but now he would have to endure the violent waves of desire that invaded me. I kissed him again and again, my lips on fire, pulling him to me, feeling that his body wasn't quite touching the tabletop anymore. But he was far from being passive, he teased me with the tip of his tongue, his hands slipped under my jacket and his fingers drew imaginary lines on my back, through my shirt, making the shudders of desire stronger and stronger. Then his lips left mine, and he pressed me close, to lick all the way down my throat, then up again, his teeth sometimes gently nipping my skin. I shook off my jacket and got rid of my shoes, feeling awkward in front of this naked boy who seemed completely at ease in this situation.

Slowly, I let my hands slide down his back, lower and lower, then stroked down the muscles of his thighs. Oz let out a muffled groan, he was busy opening my shirt with nails and teeth. I kissed the top of his head, then my lips went lower as I bent over him, to kiss the nape of his neck. We were curling together in a ball, his face buried against my chest, mine against his neck, his hands slipping under my shirt, and mine making their way up his thighs again, until they arrived close to his erection. We were suddenly quite still, our laboured breaths the only sound to be heard in the library. He raised his head again, and smiled. My shirt was completely open now, and I got rid of it. He ran his hands over my bared flesh, slowly, as if to lower the tension before bringing it to soaring heights again.

'I'm surprised, Giles,' he murmured, gazing at me. 'You are quite the expert at this.' I smiled at him and caught his chin between my fingers.

'I could return the same comment,' I answered. He gave me one of his irresistible grins, and I kissed him lightly. I felt his hands sliding down my torso, to my trousers. I kissed him again, deeper, as he unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my trousers. I abandoned his lips and let out a moan of anticipation as my trousers fell. I kicked them away, and had the impression that I heard Oz chuckle when I pulled my socks off. I returned to his lips and bit them lightly, pulling at them, taking my revenge over his mockery. Now his hands slipped around my waist, grabbed at my buttocks avidly. He moved his body forward on the desk, until I felt the tender flesh of his balls press against my erection. Oz's fingers slipped under the elastic of my underpants.

'Giles, Giles...' He murmured, his lips close to mine, his breath smouldering my face. 'I can't believe anyone still wears Y-fronts.' I grinned at him and he smiled back, his hands pulling the last of my clothing down. I helped him rid me of the underpants, and was now as naked as he was. He looked down at me, and I followed his gaze. It was the first time that I dared to look at his crotch directly. Our members faced each other, his pink, smaller than mine but incredibly hard, and mine larger and stiffer than I could ever remember. I bit my lip, then looked up at Oz, who pulled me against him and kissed me, this time rubbing his crotch against mine slowly, sensually. I nearly cried out at the contact of his genitals against mine, feeling shudders go through my entire body. Oz's hands slipped over my flesh, caressed my buttocks, made me gasp as they travelled up my spine... I held him tight, my lips leaving his to bury themselves against his throat. I could smell his skin there, taste his sweat and the scent of his excitement, that seemed to exude from every one of his pores. I let out a short cry of surprise and pleasure when I felt his hands closing over my member. No, not only over mine. He had managed to grasp both our members together in his hand, and was caressing them with slow, firm strokes. I moaned, sucking at his throat, feeling my body take fire, my excitement becoming unbearable.

'Hey Giles, do you really want to give me a hickey?' Asked Oz's voice, as his other hand took hold of my cheek and guided my lips back to his face. He kissed me deeply, still stroking my swollen genitals, sometimes pressing my member against his, sometimes fondling it alone, as if he anticipated the sensations that filled my body and overwhelmed me. I moaned, feeling on the brink of orgasm now, my lips sucking at his tongue, at his mouth, while he caressed me expertly. But all of a sudden, he let go of me, and pushed me away. I looked at him, desperate for more, sweat rolling down my back and chest. Gently, he took hold of my shoulders and pushed me downwards. Yes of course, that was what he wanted... I should have guessed. I knelt down in front of his crotch, the smell of his desire arousing me even more. I looked up at him as I licked his inner thighs, approaching his balls without ever touching them. He was looking down at me, patient and calm, perfectly controlling the situation, it seemed. I felt like making him lose that calm face, I wanted to see him moan and give in to his pleasure. Slowly, my lips made contact with his balls, I kissed them lightly, then moved to his shaft and licked my way up. I felt him shudder, he hadn't expected me to do that. Smiling, I started again and again, swirling my tongue around the head of his penis, licking it lightly then firmly, and finally I parted my lips to suck it into my mouth. Oz let out a small groan of pleasure, and I felt his fingers grip my shoulders harder. I sucked him in deeper, slipping my tongue around his shaft, licking at the head while it was deep in my mouth. Oz was trembling now, his breath was becoming quicker and shorter, he gasped rather than panted as I sucked him harder, as my tongue and lips brought him close to ecstasy. It was my turn to stop just when I felt that I would send him over the edge. I stood up again, and pressed myself against him. He threw an arm around my neck, breathing heavily, and pressed his swollen member against me, rubbing it against mine. I stroked myself, then him, then us both, my hand was larger than his and could nearly close over both our heads, squeezing them together as if to milk them. Oz's face was buried against my shoulder, I sometimes felt his teeth gnash at my skin as I caressed him, and his visible pleasure was doubling mine. I felt his fingers close over my shaft, and he started to rub me firmly and quickly, knowing that I too was close to the edge. I pressed my face against his shoulder, kissing him there, licking the sweat off his skin, and moaning aloud as my loins started to boil and shudder, as my member prepared to explode. I gripped Oz's shaft in my hand and stroked him as he stroked me. We were both choking for breath now, our bodies trembled together, the rhythm of our frantic rubbing becoming identical. Oz let out a moan and a whimper and I gripped him harder. As I felt his rod pulsate and flutter in my palm, as I felt semen exploding between my fingers and spattering onto my chest, I also felt my own member quiver. I let out a deep groan of pleasure as I came too, spilling myself all over Oz's lap and stomach, my body writhing under the waves of pleasure that went through it.

We remained together, our heads on each other's shoulder, our breaths and heartbeats slowing down. Oz kissed my throat, then my ear, and finally relinquished me. I took in a long deep breath, looking at him, my hands still stroking his warm shoulders, my fingers running through his red spikes. Oz smiled and kissed my forehead gently. I smiled back at him, and suddenly felt weak in the knees. I let myself collapse onto the cold library floor, closing my eyes, exhausted. Oz soon hopped down and stood above me. I could smell him there, and see his shadow through the red of my eyelids, I could hear him breathe.

'I knew you had it in you, Giles,' he murmured. I opened my eyes to look up at him.

'What...?' He grinned.

'Animal instincts.' I laughed quietly. The things the gang didn't know about me.