by Amz

Dull lights skimmed across the area of the club where patrons sat in silent anticipation. Phil at the door didn't let just anybody into Faded. Actually he did, he just preferred to think that he didn't. Decent folk somehow found their way up to the small, enchanting club on the top floor. Rarely, they never returned. Commonly, they brought friends back with them.

The less decent folk (at least in Phil's opinion) were quite happy to stay downstairs in the pool hall/bar/night club of sorts. Not many of them bothered to tackle the flight of stairs, especially when they saw a preview of the menu. It was pasted on the wall beneath a sign, which stated that Giles and Oz were performing that night. A corner of the paper had fallen down with age and wear, a little like Giles himself, the man feared. He put out a hand to straighten the corner whenever he passed, which was six nights a week if it was a good week and it usually was.

One beam of white light fell from the tattered ceiling to bathe the watcher's face, but just barely touch the edges of the wolf and his guitar. The effect was eerie and mesmerizing. Eerie at least until the werewolf touched the strings of his guitar and Rupert Giles began to sing.

But first, an introduction. "This one's for Gary," Giles spoke into the mike, glancing at the club owner. "It's called 'Faded' and we thought it was rather appropriate, as tonight Gary has asked me to announce his plans to sell the club and move into his rather belated retirement."

Shock and a confused sadness travelled through the audience. Giles smiled softly and adjusted the microphone. "Lyrics and music by Oz, as usual." He murmured with lingering pride.

Oz strummed his guitar.


"We've never closed before." Oz pointed out. He gazed around the empty club, taking note of how nice the place cleaned up.

Giles appeared from behind the bar with a champagne bottle and two glasses in hand. "I offered Gary," the watcher offered as explanation. Oz raised his eyebrows at the bottle and Giles smiled. "I have an idea." He said.

The eyebrows lowered and the eyes cornered a little. "You...wanna have sex on the stage?" Oz took a guess.

Giles turned to look at the stage and Oz thought he saw him blush in shock. He smiled softly to himself.

"Ah..." Giles turned back to see amusement almost hidden beneath the wolf's non-expression. "Well it's certainly something to keep in mind." He stated seriously. "No, I was, am, thinking about buying the club."

Now it was Oz's turn to be shocked. This made Giles smile, though he was anxious about his decision and wanted to know Oz's opinion on the matter.

"That would..." Oz looked around the club. "Just thinking?"

"Actually, going to." Giles enforced, wishing the wolf would turn back to him. "What do you think?" He prodded gently.

Oz looked at Giles. "Pretty much just...whoa...for now." Oz frowned. "The part where I think it's a really great idea is a little slow coming." The frown faded. "Oh wait, here it is." He smiled.

Giles grinned and papers appeared in front of him. The wolf's eyes widened.

"I apologise for not discussing it with you earlier, but I simply wanted to work out the details first." He waited for Oz to nod before continuing. "Oz, I'd like to put both of our names on here." He gestured to the paperwork.

Oz frowned. "Uh, Giles. You had me at "I'm buying the club", so there's no need to...just because we're together." Giles frowned also. "I, no-one's ever..." He looked at some spot on Giles' chest. "You know I don't really have the money and I know it's not about that, but Giles. Half a club? I can't accept that."

"Yes you bloody well can," Giles said loudly after a pause. "This place is a dream come true and I won't stand by and reap the benefits single-handedly. What good is owning such a business if you have nobody to share it with?"

Oz gazed up at Giles and opened his mouth, but the watcher had something more to say.

"As soon as Gary told me he was selling the club, I thought, this is a perfect opportunity for us. It's something that I want to give to you for no other reason that I care about you very much, and should something happen to me, I would feel safe knowing that you had means to support yourself."

Oz smiled softly and they were silent for a moment. The wolf glanced up at the ceiling. "So why do you think Gary named this place Faded?"

Giles tilted his head. "Perhaps to match the dull interior." He stroked the grey wall thoughtfully. "Though I'd say it's more the way he felt after his wife died. It's...it's a rather fitting name when you think about it. At least where I'm concerned."

"Hey," Oz frowned a little. "Don't talk about my Giles like that. Giles' aren't faded. I can't imagine Giles' ever fading. Especially this one Giles that I know..."

"Lachlan Giles? That busker down by the antique shop on main who does nothing but Lennon covers?" Giles smiled wryly.

"I knew there was a reason we're together." Oz smiled. He raised their joined hands over the section of bar and led Giles towards the stage.