All About Giles

GilesName: Rupert Giles

Nicknames: Ripper

Date of Birth: Anywhere between 1952 and 1961, assuming that Giles is in his 40s.

Marital Status: Single

Dating History: Jenny Calendar, 1997 to 1998, Joyce Summers, 1998, Olivia (no last name) 1999.

Relationship History: When Giles was twenty-one, he ran away to London and joined a small group involved with dark magic, including Ethan Rayne. Being that it was the early-to-mid-70s, it can be assumed that some form of sexual experimentation was attempted. When the magic killed one of their group, GIles returned to his Watcher training.
When he came to Sunnydale, he met the irrepressible Jenny Calendar, a computer teacher at Sunnydale High School. Their mild flirtation slowly blossomed into a relationship, but was interrupted when Ethan Rayne and the demon Eyghon returned from his past. Their relationship returned full force shortly thereafter, and it can be assumed that it grew physical. When Jenny Calendar was discovered to be a Gypsy spy sent to make sure Angel was without happiness, the relationship was off again. Giles and Jenny were slowly coming back together when, unexpectedly, Angelus killed her. At her grave, Giles told Buffy that he had buried many people, but none that he had loved.
Several months later, under the influence of magical chocolate (supplied by Ethan Rayne), Giles reverted into "Ripper," the angry young youth, and had passionate sex with Joyce Summers on the hood of a police car. Both regretted it shortly after coming off of the band candy high.
Olivia appeared just as the students were entering UC Sunnydale. Described as an "old friend" by Giles, Anya has possibly better described her as an "orgasm friend," since she flies in on occasion to visit Giles. When confronted with the more supernatural side of Sunnydale, Olivia admitted to being extremely spooked, and has not returned.

Supernatural History: Giles grew up in a family of watchers, and must have, from a very early age, known about the general demonic world.
When he was twenty-one, he ran away to London and joined a small group involved with dark magic. The group eventually moved to demonic possession. They were tattooed with the Mark of Egyhon and Egyhon would possess the person marked. When a friend was killed during his possession, Giles returned to his Watcher training.
Until he moved to Sunnydale, he quietly worked as a Watcher. During his reign as a Watcher on Sunnydale, he has seen countless demonic possessions, vampires, demons, werewolves, scientists, and apocalypses.

Family and Friends: Giles's family were Watchers for several generations, including his grandmother and his father. He has felt very paternal to Buffy and Dawn, and, because of these feelings, left Sunnydale in order to help Buffy reach the maturity she needed.
Ethan Rayne might possibly be a romantic relationship, but is also one of the few friends he has from his past. His other friends from the small group were killed when Egyhon returned.
The rest of the Sunnydale gang, while not exactly friends, care for Giles and Giles, obviously, cares for all of them.

Occupational History: Giles has been a watcher for most of his adult life. When he was forced to put Buffy through the Crucimentium, he broke the rules by assisting her and was quickly fired. During the Mayor's Ascension, Buffy broke with the Watchers' Council. Later, the Watchers' Council returned to Sunnydale to ask Buffy to return to their guidance. Buffy agreed, but only if Giles was reinstated.
His cover identity in Sunnydale was of a high school librarian. He had also worked as a museum curator in England.
After the destruction of the high school, Giles was unemployed until the local magic shop lost another owner. He purchased the Magic Box and began running it with Anya. A few months after Buffy's death, Giles moved back to England, settling into a silent partnership with Anya.

Known Likes: Tea, books, ancient languages, fast cars, guitars, ancient artifacts, Jeopardy!, classic rock.

Known Dislikes: Quentin Travers, dark magic, Southern Californian teen pop culture, loud techno music, Spike.