The Music Of Giles And Oz

David Bowie
We know Giles listens to Bowie. We know he definitely owns Space Oddity because it was playing in "The Freshman." And Oz must listen to Bowie, because he was wearing a Ziggy Stardust shirt in "Wild At Heart." Of course, they'd probably have slightly different eras that they prefer (I'm certain Giles really doesn't enjoy listening to anything past Hunky Dory, and Oz probably enjoys Earthling a little too much), but the Bowie is there.

Another given for Giles, since it was part of his collection, as seen in "Band Candy." And Oz must have enough of a music knowledge to appreciate all great artists, although there's probably a bit of a distaste for later Eric Clapton.

Velvet Underground
The band that might just be more important than saving the world — or, at least, Loaded might be. Both of them love this band, and who can blame them?

Bay City Rollers
Something that probably only Giles enjoys, since they never really made it big over in the US.

Cibo Matto
A band more for Oz than Giles, but Viva La Woman must be played in the kitchen a few times while they're cooking, surely.

Oz gave up one of their CDs for some nice Tibetan swag, but, please, Oz, don't tell us you got rid of OK Computer. You kept that one, right? Right?

The Beatles
This should be a given for anyone, honestly.

The Kinks
Another classic band, and it should be a given.

The Who
And the same goes for The Who as well. Really.

BritPop, and probably enjoyed more by Oz, but Giles must've been whistling a few of their songs every once in awhile...

BritPop with a touch of glam, and Oz probably appreciates "The Drowners" or "She's In Fashion." The guitar work must impress him

Okay, it's a writer favorite, but the nice guitar and miserably gorgeous lyrics must appeal to both of these guys. And the fact that they're all terribly attractive would have nothing to do with it either...

The stylings of Maynard must be noticed by Oz.

Peter Gabriel (and early Genesis)
Oz would enjoy the interesting prog stylings of early Genesis, and Giles would enjoy the world music leanings of later Peter Gabriel, and they'd bring them together rather wonderfully.

The Great British Band — something Giles would have remembered and love and something that Oz would appreciate far past "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Tom Jones
Les Baxter
The Beach Boys
The Monkees
Bob Dylan
And a lot more, we're sure.

The first half of this list are taken from various points in the show. The second half is fan speculation.