Mystical Monkeys FanFic

TITLE: Mojo vs Jojo: The Untold Story (or Sheila should just never be allowed near a computer while on NyQuil)
AUTHOR: Sheila Perez
SUMMARY: The title pretty much says it all.
DISCLAIMER: Mojo and Jojo are the brainchildren of that Sick Puppy, Kate. Oz, Xander, Cordelia, and Willow belong to Joss, as does the Big Gay Possum. Nintendo belongs to other people as well. Basically, not mine, don't sue.

Oz and Xander were playing Nintendo. To be quite specific, they were playing that ever-wonderful game known as Strip-Super-Mario-Brothers-3.
"Hah! I have the Powerrrrrrr!" Xander leapt off the couch, as Mario retreived the Leaf O' Racoonish Power and began to fly. He did a little dance, would have made a little love if Cordelia hadn't given him a Look, and got down with his funky party weasel-ness.
Willow smirked.
Oz watched the proceedings in bafflement, absentmindedly offering a kiwi to Mojo, the Monkey Incarnate of Good (tm).
Mojo happily grabbed the fruit and said, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK Oopoop" (which, roughly translated from French Monkey Babble, means "Thank you ever-so-much Oz." Or it means "Fruit! Aww, yeah!")
Xander proceeded to beat the silly icy level of SMB3, and did yet another Crazy Dance. "Yeah! Score one for the Xand-Man!"
Oz sighed.
Willow smirked. "Fair is fair, Oz."
"All right, all right." He pulled off his shirt. "Happy?"
She grinned. "You were in doubt?"
He mock-growled at her before pouncing and kissing Willow while tickling her mercilessly.
Cordelia watched them before turning toward her boyfriend. "Hey! I don't get a kiss?"
"Well, of course you do, my little muffin o' loooooove!" Xander grabbed Cordelia by the waist, bending her over and pecking at her face with little kisses.
A few minutes passed before Mojo jumped on top of Cordelia's head, effectively breaking up the couples' little smoochies session. If it could be called "little."
Mojo then said, "Yieeeeewoop." (translation: "Hey! I've saved your butts lots of times! Give me food now!" or "Giles, look at *that* book!")
Cordelia shrieked. "Monkey in my hair! Monkey in my hair! Eeeeek!" She began to dance around, as Mojo chuckled and held on for the ride.
Oz sighed, picked up the NES controller and proceeded to thwap Xander into the ground. Figuratively speaking, of course.
Xander sighed and pulled off his shirt as well, sticking his tongue out at Oz.
Suddenly, in a blinding flash of purplish-green smoke, Jojo, Monkey Incarnate of Evil, appeared. He muahahahahaha'ed evilly, as he is wont to do.
"Arrrrookoook!" ("I've got you now my pretties!" or "Joyce, here, have some more alcohol")
Mojo looked at Jojo.
Mojo looked at the assembled and half-nekkid Slayerettes.
Mojo looked back at Jojo.
Mojo looked at the food.
Jojo looked at Mojo.
Jojo looked at the assembled and half-nekkid Slayerettes.
Jojo looked back at Mojo.
Jojo also looked at the food.
Jojo then made a pitiful "eeepwopwop" sound.
Oz handed him a pomegranate.
Jojo said, in cultured British tones, "Thank you." (translated: "Hah! I shall make you look like the Big Gay Possum again! Muahahahahahaha")
Jojo disappeared in a flash of pinkish-blue smoke with little sparklies.
The assembled and half-nekkid Slayerettes looked at each other and at Mojo, who was happily munching away on grapes.
"Huh. Weird." Oz picked Willow up and headed with her into the nearest bedroom.
Willow frowned. "Weren't we supposed to, I dunno, destroy him or something?"
"Can't destroy the Incarnation of Eeeeeevilll. Messes up the balance."
Cordelia and Xander watched them go off.
She turned to him and frowned. "Muffin o' looooove?"
"What? I thought it was cute!"
"Yeah. In the bizarro world."
"Oh, Cordy, that's French!" He began to kiss his way up her arm.
"No it wasn't." She paused as he reached her neck. "But you can keep doing that."
Neither of them noticed the happy little monkey eating his fruit.
Mojo bwahahahahahahaha'ed.

The End.