Mystical Monkeys Caught on Camera!

Through a special monitoring system, we have actually been able to catch the Mystical Monkeys on tape! See now the mayhem that Jojo creates! See the miracles Mojo makes!

Mojo Jojo
Innocence & Mojo
Mojo watches Buffy use the rocket launcher from a safe distance. Innocence
Graveyards & Jojo
Jojo laughs at Giles & Buffy's pain! Passion
Oz & Mojo
Oz is finally told who that girl is. Halloween
Willow & Jojo
Jojo was obviously the one to sneak Willow into Xander's house, bedroom, shirt, and bed. Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered
Everyone with the Monkeys!
Mojo & Jojo pose with the people they control! Look out Slayerettes, there are monkeys in your midst!