Mystical Monkeys Thank YOU

The Mystical Monkeys wouldn't be where they were today without some help. Here's a list of some of the great people, sites, etc. that helped Mojo and Jojo receive the site they deserve.

Screen Captures
The most necessary element in making the Mystical Monkeys appear.
And one of the most helpful people in the known universe is SlayMeXand, who has two sites just filled with pics. SlayMeXand's World of the Slayer is filled with images, and SlayMeXand's Other Realm is the main screen capture site. She not only has a great site, but she was the one who sent me the image of Mojo to begin with.
Another great site is Tom's Buffy Page. Lots of screen captures, which means good Mojo & Jojo pics.

Mojo and Jojo don't get away with much, nowadays, especially since there are talented people watching the episodes, looking for those Mystical Monkeys.
I mainly have to thanks the Mystical Monkey Mailing List, which anyone can subscribe to. Subscribe to the Mystic Monkey Sightings

Everyone Else
Robert for giving feedback and laughing at the Mystical Monkey site even though he hasn't watched "Buffy"
The gang at #willow, UCSL, and for being my testing ground.
Everyone who has told me "Kate, you're on crack." I think this proves it once and for all.