The fanfiction of UCSL-The stories that shaped the world

Note: During the move to a different web server due to a newly enforced server rule about adult material, most of the UCSL archive was lost. This information reflects the earlier archive and not the current under-construction archive.

UCSL began as a Slash list, but soon took off in a wildly different direction. In a total of 301 stories, only 29% of the stories were slash. Heterosexual unconventional relationships became the standard for the list, writers exploring their own sexualities via character identification.
The list is also impressibly prolific, with over 50% of those on the list having posted at least once. (The results here in the chart are skewed. People who would post fic were more than likely to answer a survey.) And those fics range from everything, from melodrama, to character death, to light-hearted comedy, to romance, to torture.
The sexually explicit fanfiction makes up a considerable portion of the list, as evidenced by the percentage of authors who have written explicit fic. This explicit fic can sometimes be a little too explicit for many readers, but UCSL has stayed by a strict no-censorship rule. Anything can and will be accepted, if not with open arms, with respect.

The Appropriation of Technology by UCSL -- Free Internet Tools and Why They Are Your Friend

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