Sexual exploration-UCSL as a safe environment

95% of those surveyed said that they had a positive view of sex and sexuality. 60% said that the people around them in real-life had a positive view of sex and sexuality, albeit much less than their acquaintances online. 84% said that the list had increased their knowledge about sex and sexuality. 53% said that the list had affected their personal views about sex and sexuality. Many mentioned that the list showed them that there were people out there that had the same ideas, the same feelings, and proved to them that they were not alone. 35% said they were bisexual, which is average for most fandoms. All declared themselves "geeks", and spent a lot of time involved with Internet communities aside from this one. By writing sex and sexuality, the list effectively breaks the stereotype of the female geek as sexless. These women are geeks, are young, and are proud to discuss sex -- in a safe environment.
I can speak for myself when I say that I've worked on keeping the list a safe environment for any sexuality to be represented. It sounds difficult but is, quite actually, relatively easy. Internet fanfiction communities tend to attract a particular element--the socially shy but privately outspoken female. In the archive there are a total of 6 stories that can be identified as being written by a man, and, from what I can recall, there have been around 6 men who have posted to the list, either fic or feedback. The sheer overpowering force of an entire list of loud geek girls often intimidates any possible threat.
Our biggest threat takes place in the IRC chatroom, where a person, usually male, will come in, proposition chat regulars for Net-sex and then become hostile when they refuse. The threat is generally short-term though, quickly averted by banning the person from the room.
The list helps young women, generally confused about sexuality, empower themselves sexually. In the safe environment of the list, they are able to discuss deviant practices that interest them on a theoretical level, without having to physically involve themselves in possibly dangerous situations. The list also educates them about the pleasures and dangers of certain practices, creating a group of informed women who know what they want out of a sexual life.

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