Kickin' It Old Skooool

Dance Party 1 You know how to get this party started. One part "a long time ago", another part "a galaxy far away".

Star, baby!

Being in the Rebellion meant a lot of things. Fightin' the Empire, blowing up Death Stars, and makin' it with the ladies...maybe even get yourself a princess.

Hit With The Ladies
Dance Party 2 Yo-yo-yo-Yoda was spinnin' the R2 unit, crankin' out the mighty tunes, while Ol' Ben Kenobi showed how to get down. Yep, even the Ugnaught knew a thing or two about head-spinning.

Star, baby!

What was there to worry about? You fought the enemy, you won the battle, and now it was time to groove out with some phat beats and a Colt 45...
Why Ya Buggin'?
Dance Party 3
Yeah, it was a-right. The groove was high and the dancin' kept goin'. The Jawa knew the moonwalk, and Han and Leia were gettin' nasty.

Star, baby!

It was a dark time for the Rebellion, but a great time for a party.

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