The Mystical Monkeys, Mojo & Jojo, started the third season out wonderfully, making their presence known even though the Slayer wasn't actually in Sunnydale.
Mojo, our Mystical Monkey for Good, had a hard time this episode. Buffy wasn't in Sunnydale, and even though Willow, Oz & Xander did have some practice killing vampires, they ain't the Slayer. Mojo was the one who whispered witty comments for Willow to say, though.
Buffy's sworn to never slay again, to never take on the responsibility again. Mojo can't have that, now can he? Who sent Lily and Ricky to the diner? Mojo. (The sheer idiocy/plot device of that tattoo was all their idea, though)
In Proletarian Hell, Mojo was behind Buffy, reminding her of her name. He was the one who suggested checking out the blood bank. And Buffy ripping out that phone? Mojo loosened it first.
Mojo also pushed Cordelia onto Xander and helped them practice their Sandwich-Slaying technique.
And, of course, we all know that Lily couldn't have pushed Ken over without a little help from Mojo. And who gave Buffy the hammer and sickle, making her the new "Power to the People" posterchild? Mojo, of course.
And let's not even mention that Mojo was Gandhi....if he was really pissed off.
Finally, Mojo buys Buffy a bus ticket home and sends the poor dear home to her mother.
Jojo! Jojo, our Mystical Monkey for Evil, made his own fun, of course. The vampire Willow, Oz, and Xander fought? Who else but Jojo would think of turning gymnasts into vampires? Buffy ain't the only one who can do backflips, baby!
(Of course, it would be easy to attribute Oz's lack of concern about failing his senior year to Jojo, but neither Mystical Monkey was involved. Oz did that all by his extremely slacker self.)
Jojo did have his fun, though. He chose the waitressing outfit, forcing Buffy to wear that giant red gingham collar. He was the one who told her to go under the name of "Anne Summers", even though he knew that "Ann Summers" was a chain of sex shops in the UK. And who keeps reminding her of Angel? Jojo.
Jojo sends false leads to Giles and convinces Joyce that Giles is the one to blame for Buffy's coming out of the Slaying closet. He was the one who convinced Lily she needed people to take care of her.
The big question everyone asks is "What on earth where they building in Proletarian Hell?" The answer: Jojo's Space-Age Monkey Bachelor Pad!
That's why Ken was so upset...he knew that Jojo wouldn't be happy when his Space-Age Monkey Bachelor Pad wasn't ready for the cocktail party. Have you ever dealt with a monkey after you renege on a contract? It isn't a pretty thing.

Next week: Dead Man's Party.
"I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go. Walking with a dead man over my shoulder..."
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