Dead Man's Party

So we had reconciliation between Buffy and the Slayerettes and a lot of zombies. So of *course* Mojo and Jojo make their appearances!
Mojo runs the uber-trendy coffee house, a good place to hide out from vampires, because, well, it's open during the day.
Mojo invited Jonathan to Buffy's party and put him near the dip, 'cause it just seemed fitting.
Mojo supplied Giles with all the "Hellmouth Petting Zoo" supplies, including werewolf-sized tranquilizers and zombie cat cages.
Mojo obviously put Oz through the training on differentiating between a "Gathering", a "Shindig", and a "Hootenanny".
Mojo is definitely responsible for Giles' new red suspenders...those tasty tasty red suspenders...
Mojo prevented Cordelia and Xander from going up to Buffy's bedroom to finish what they had started in the living room, then told Willow to go up there just as Buffy started packing.
Mojo left the shovel out in the backyard right where Buffy could find it.
Mojo gave Oz enough New Wave Music trivia to make the "Dead Man's Party" comment (and he did it so damn well).
Mojo stuck the ski poles in the closet with Cordelia and Oz (and, no, I'm not making a comment about the closet...nope).

Neither Mojo or Jojo is responsible for Ripper. That's a purely Giles invention. And neither is responsible for Joyce. She's just naturally inept at this whole parenting. And if you have to ask about Pat, you obviously haven't lived in Southern California. Yes, there *are* people like that. No Mystical Monkey influence required.

Jojo! Jojo replaced a plain old "Made in Taiwan but let's pretend it's 'primitive art'" mask with the Mask of Evil.
Jojo then took the cat from "Pet Semetary" and gave him a dye job, so we'd be convinced it was a different cat.
Jojo threw Giles' car keys out in front of the car, just for fun.
That hideous nickname of "Nighthawk"? Even Xander can't be that obnoxious without help from Jojo.
Jojo obviously slipped roofies in Cordelia's drink, becaue that's the only way we can explain her need to practically rape Xander on Buffy's front door.
Fashion-wise, Jojo is responsible for that annoying blonde streak in Buffy's hair, and he must have taken over Cordelia's mind so that she'd mention Hilfiger. (She's *so* much better than that!)
That annoying forever-in-college guy who crashed Buffy's party? Jojo invited him. ("Dude, this like monkey...he told me to come...yeah...")
And Jojo was actually the one who called Willow a "tramp". Due to an editing error, it just looks like Buffy said it. (Because, really, as if Buffy's one to talk) ;)

And finally, we come to the big moment for the Mystic Monkeys -- Joyce's drinking. You see, Jojo was going to give Joyce Everclear (the rotgut of choice for all the best fraternities), but Mojo heard this and did a counter-offensive -- he gave Joyce schnapps instead. This way, she didn't get half as drunk as she could have, and therefore, extreme crisis adverted.

Next week: Faith, Hope, & Trick
New slayer, new enemy, and yes, more monkey mayhem!
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