a life for a life
black widow

Have you ever tasted cold steel? Have you ever kissed the barrel of a gun? Eyes closed, heart pounding, your breathing ragged and shallow as your lips slowly part?

Have you ever sat alone in the dark and thought about the true meaning of your life? Have you ever held a loaded gun to your own head surprised at how little your hands shook?

And, when the muzzle of the gun slid past your lips, did the notch draw back your top lip and did a smile play across your face?

How did your mouth discover the metal tube? Did you grip it gently between your teeth and let your tongue trace its outline? Did you lick it lovingly and tenderly, searching and probing? Did you suck on it and caress its length as you pushed it deeper into your mouth?

Did your heart leap at the sudden wetness between your thighs? Did you cross your legs as your hand strayed? Did you ever stop thinking of the one you loved?

And as you gently stroked and squeezed the trigger did you wonder where all the tears had gone? For there were none left in my eyes.

Above all, was the last thing you ever saw a brilliant flash as the gun fired? A spark as golden as your hair, as beautiful as your face, as radiant as your smile?

As the bullet blasted through your head, was all the pain distilled into one sublime explosion of the purest ecstasy? Now my memories of you are torn and shredded, splashed over the furniture and walls of what should have been our home.

Did you sit alone in the dark, thinking, dreaming, waiting for your loved one, hoping against all hope, oblivious to all the pain but your own?


d e a d   l e t t e r s   h o m e