d e a d  l e t t e r s  h o m e -- a fanfiction challenge



a fanfiction concept based on
The Dead Letter Office.

take a character.

kill him/her.

let him/her write one last letter. it can be to the world. it can be to a particular person. it can be to no one.

s/he's died, and this is all that remains.

notes on the challenge

* means most recent stories.

s t o r i e s

nothing (adam)
in the funny papers (allan)
you could've tried (amy)
it's a myth (anya)
pancakes in the morning (anya)
to be free (beth)
the burden of slayerhood (buffy)
good slayers go to heaven (buffy)
last wishes (buffy)
the one that got away (cain)
spirit rain (connor) *
fashionably dead (cordelia)
they remembered jayne mansfield (cordelia)
not the profound type (cordelia)
better (cordelia)
i'll be damned (darla)
pathetic truth (darla)
ein sof (endless) (dawn)
understood (dawn)
a tree in the forest (dawn)
"so where were the spiders" (deidre)
it's been awhile (devon)
never supposed to happen (devon)
all that mushy stuff (devon)
the worst thing about death (doyle)
...or may i call you 'buffy'? (dracula)
a good wife (edna mae)
in-between spaces (ethan)
like myself more (ethan)
explaining five by five (faith)
letter to angel (faith)
no faith, no hope, no more (faith)
postcards from the edge (faith)
reflections (faith)
you say goodbye (faith)
you, me, and shania twain (faith)
an irish toast (faith)
incomplete (faith)
hopes (fred)
confessions of a magic shop owner (giles)
anger (gunn)
ship in a bottle (joe carey)
change of perspective (jonathan)
to my acquaintance (jonathan)
kaddish (jonathan kent)
confessions of a chocolate whore (joyce)
final wish (joyce)
it's the thought that counts (joyce)
a life for a life (joyce)
little blue bottles (kendra)
minbari don't lie (lennier)
do you realize (lilah)
beats being a lawyer (lindsey)
so long, farewell (lindsey)
touch me, kill me (logan)
thank you and goodnight (lorne)
irony (marcie)
worthy (the master)
it's probably you (merl)
cast away (other)
war weary (oz)
girls on film (richard wilkins)
memo: buffy, vampire slayer/re: my death; you (richard wilkins)
healthy attachments (richard wilkins)
in case you're wondering what i'm up to (riley)
unspoken (riley)
control (rogue)
inside me (rogue)
didn't leave nobody but the baby (scully)
everything i ever needed to know i learned from being a vampire (spike)
the reason why i did it, by spike (spike)
from: "tara" <tara45@sg.net> (tara)
persuading myself (tara)
complete (tara)
ashes (virginia)
vulnerable (virginia)
my first love letter (wesley)
why i did it (wesley)
blue (willow)
forgiveness (willow)
human (xander)
jealous guy (xander)
sunscreen (xander)

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