vanilla tiger

Hi guys! It's me: your good friend Willow. I hope you aren't feeling too bad about what happened. I'm sure that there was nothing you could have done. Remember I love you all anyway.

The thing is -- before I can kind of pass on to Jewish Wiccan heaven -- they say I've got issues that need to be resolved. And so i'm writing this letter to my best friends -- just to show no hard feelings.

First of all I want Oz to know that I forgive him for leaving. I forgive him for Veruca, the way he broke my heart and only came back after I'd moved on.

Xander, you've always been my best friend. What is there to say? I always forgave you everything from breaking my toys to only wanting me during my first serious relationship.

I forgive Angel for killing my fish and for breaking Buffy's heart.

Mum, Dad, I forgive you for not being there, not being able to understand who I was. I love you always.

Giles, please relax and stop worrying. You're her Watcher. It's only natural you look after Buffy to the exclusion of everyone else. And Buffy, don't blame yourself. You can't help being the Slayer. It's bound to make your problems seem so much bigger than everyboy else's. I don't balme you for it.

I forgive Faith. I forgive her for everything she did to us, I forgive her for moving on with her life, I forgive her for loving Oz back.

Tara, you weren't at all what I thought you would be. But still I forgive you for lying to me, and for leaving me.

I forgive Buffy for releasing Angelus. I forgive her for running away. I just want to remind you that at least you will always have someone to turn to.

Anya, well, we may not have got on that brilliantly but I need you to know that I don't hold you bringing vampire-me here against you. The same with you taking Xander away from me.

You all thought that I was so strong, so secure. I wanted you to believe that. I don't blame you for doing so.

I forgive Buffy for not accepting Tara and for the whole Riley deal.

I forgive Giles for not trusting me with magic.

I forgive Oz for being happy without me.

I forgive Spike for being so goddamn perceptive.

I forgive all of you for when you eventually move on. I forgive you for not seeing what I wanted to do. I forgive you for not being there to stop me.


d e a d   l e t t e r s   h o m e