it's the thought that counts
black widow

I wonder how the gallery is doing without me? Not that it was ever very important, it really was just an excuse. You know, a new exhibition every now and then, somewhere to be when you weren't around. Which was most of the time really, when I come to think about it. Unless you wanted something. Or something was really wrong. No, wait. You ran away then, didn't you?

I suppose it was a pseudo-intellectual thing to do. Not that I knew much about art. Not that anyone could tell. And since you never went there, and what I did was so unimportant to you, I would imagine it's still there exactly as it was left. I never did thank you for opening that one crate. Any fool could have run the gallery, but it was my lot in life.

Much like you and Dawn.

Of course, I did love you. Well, I think I loved Dawn more but she never got into half the trouble that you did. It's easier to love someone when you know where they are and what they're doing.

The parenting books never were much use.

You really should have read them yourself. It would have saved me a lot of heartache and trouble if you'd known your role. Or if you'd gone to live with your father. He could have stayed up half the night worried sick and I could have been left in blissful ignorance.

And you were always so thoughtless. I couldn't even take you shopping.

With all the trouble that followed you around did you never expect any of it to come after me? I'd rather not think about Angel, so let me tell you about the other one. I suppose you thought the chip in his head made Spike completely harmless?

Well, you underestimated him. You have no idea how much he schemed and planned and plotted his revenge against you. All the bitterness and rage in him was something to behold. Yet that chip made him as tame as a puppy dog and he couldn't hurt anyone. But that never stopped him from trying to come up with ingenious ways to hurt you or those around you.

I remember the way you treated him after his girlfriend left him. And then when he was at his most vulnerable you taunted him and mocked him. You really should have staked him while you had the chance.

Not that anything he did ever worked; he never was the most intelligent person to start with. He was also quite the coldest person I ever knew. And he couldn't wire an electric blanket to save anyone's life.


d e a d   l e t t e r s   h o m e