confessions of a magic shop owner

Bugger. One plain, simple honest to God word. Bugger. It was all going so bloody well too. I had a new start. To be honest I was quite looking forward seeing the first signs of that back pay I was promised. Not exactly sure what I would've got with it but no doubt Buffy or Willow would have suggested something.

My God! I'd almost forgotten about them in all of the being killed. Ironic really since I did it for them. Didn't want them to miss the sodding party. Ah, I can't exactly blame them can I? How was I supposed to know it was going to be more than the usual patrolling. Mind you, those little sods caught me by surprise, I'll give them that.

Well there's no point in beating around the bush. Only so much time to get this thing done and dusted, eh? I've got my goodbyes to make and all.

Buffy - you were the best student I could have ever had. No, seriously. It was a challenge and until you came on the scene I didn't realise how much of a challenge I needed. You're probably going to hate me for this but I sometimes wish the challenge could have been a little more than that. Sorry, luv, but I had to say it. Part of me still hopes you felt the same way.

And Willow, I'll never get used to those damn machines of yours. Maybe you can put computers all around the shop now. It's not like I can say anything about it. Oh, and you were right about me lasting as long as your average Sunnydale magic shop owner. Who'd have thought it. Best of luck with Tara, by the way.

Xander - we spent far too much time together in the last year and it has to be said some of your less appealing personality traits and such rubbed off on me. Next time you look at Anya's arse think of me (I'd put a wink there if I understood all of those Netty jargonny things)

I'm starting to think of the good old days. The library... the smell of the shop isn't that dissimilar but it's not the same. The pay was pretty bloody awful but it was where it all began. All of you just sitting around the table, usually taking the piss out of me. You're lucky I saw the funny side. So much happened there... so much... still I'll get to be with her again soon.

If Ethan ever gets out from wherever they're keeping him laugh at him for me. Can't help but think there was so much hope for him, though. Nice bloke when we first met. At least I thought so. It was back in the old Ripper days - well, if you never worked out the reasons why you're not going to now (insert smiling face). We were so close but I honestly didn't see it coming when he lost it. You'd think he would have told me what was going through his mind. If you ever see him again drink a toast to me before you kick his arse.

I can't think of much else to say. People have come and gone from our lives and I'll miss them all - Angel, Oz, Riley. God, even Wesley and Cordelia! I hope they spare me some thought or other. I'll be a bit bloody pissed off if they don't. Oh, and up yours to the Council. I've always wanted to say that but never got the chance. Now I have. Up yours Travers! Arsehole.

See you around. Next time you're around these parts pop in and say hello.

Rupert Giles (Watcher)


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