last wishes

Death's not bad.


Nice guy, he just got a crappy job. I can relate to that.

One last letter to say good bye and sort everything out. But I don't know what to put.

Dawn. I love you and be careful. Don't let Glory get you and don't feel bad. It wasn't your fault. At least I was killed by a God and not some lucky vampire. I hate to say this but I want you to stay friends with Spike. You'll need someone to keep sane and he's the only one who can be there day and night for you. Stay in the house. I know it'll seem empty now but at least it's shelter.

Giles. Drink a cup a tea for me, even though I could never stand the stuff. And beat Glory. Leave some flowers on my grave. Not some fake silk ones. Real ones. I love you. And you were the best watcher a girl could have. And a great father.

Willow. Hug Tara and tell her you love her. I love you too. Wear bright clothes and always smile.

Xander. Kiss Anya and tell her you love her. I love you. Don't grow up. Remember to laugh five times a day. At least. If Riley ever comes back, tell him I'm sorry. And tell him that I did love him. Just not the way he needed me too.

Find Spike. Tell him that I'm sorry. Bring him into the gang and try to help him. But always remember the chip.

Find Angel. Tell him I still love him. Take away his stakes and give him a hug. Tell him to stop brooding and to smile more. Tell him he can be happy, just as long as he keeps away from the sin and vice section of happiness.

Put some flowers on mom's grave for me. And, put some on Jenny's grave as well.

Pet Miss Kitty.

Smell the flowers.

Try to explain the complicated emotions to Anya.

Tell my dad that I still love him.

Kick Willie's ass.

Don't be on constant alert for bad guys.

Read a book for something other than research.

Clean your ears 'cause ear wax is icky.


Keep in touch.

Share your feelings with others.

Try to understand Tara's jokes.

Listen to Xander's advice, he's usually right.

Get Giles a girlfriend.


Dance under the stars.

Do all these things. Not for me, but because of me.

I've got to go now.

Love, Buffy.


d e a d   l e t t e r s   h o m e