this will not do at all. you have heard?

The woman kneeling naked on the floor trembled a little, murmured, "yes, i've heard."

slutJaneCarter, it said, WE have a new project for you. you have given us much fruit it said so you are being rewarded.

The woman didn't dare rise. "thank you," she said quietly. juice and blood flowed from her onto the floor.

lick the offering, whoremother, it said, reaching out a hand, dripping onto the cement in front of her bowed head. tell me you like the taste.

"yes," the woman murmured.

filthynick will work with the Goddess, it said. be ready to bite between her legs.

"yes," the woman answered. Her forehead never lifted from the floor.

you will be rewarded, cartercunt, if you manage to make Goddess worthy. it paused, flicking a claw over the woman's naked back. The woman trembled, hair in her face. perhaps you will be famous, too.

She didn't dare rise, but her voice was excited, a little louder. "oh, thank you," she said, "i'll do all that i can. she will know her place."

you are nothing it said but a disgusting mass. you are not good enough to go between her thighs. but there is no choice. it will have to be you, or [precious]vapidjustin may get away.

"she will learn," the woman said, fervently, lips pressed against the concrete still. "i will teach her."

good it said. good. because this will not do at all. it looked into a mirror, watched a boy with curly hair and another with blond hair squeal out of a hotel parking garage, beautiful girl screeching at them as they drove off. not at all.