The soft sound behind them echoed through the parking garage. Chris closed his eyes and swore under his breath.

Justin turned around, his eyes wide. "Britney?" he said, his voice craking.

"Baby, where are you going?" she asked, slowly walking towards them.

"Justin..." KM barely growled. "Run"

Justin stood there, staring at Britney.

"Baby?" she asked again. "Where are you going? I've missed you..."

Justin closed his eyes for a second. "I've been..." his voice trailed off. "Oh Brit, I..."

"It's okay," she said, moving even closer. "I'm here now, aren't I?"

Justin looked up at her and she changed. A shift of the color of her eyes, a shudder of skin, the faintest hint of something other in her, something that automatically made all of his skin crawl and rise in terror.

He took a step back. She looked at him, frowning slightly. "Justin?"

He took another step back. "I...I can't..." He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked at the person holding him. Lance looked at him, then looked at Britney.

Justin turned back to her, and took another step back. There was something on her legs, something black and it was crawling up and she was still looking at him with those big eyes. "Justin, I'm here..."

He closed his eyes and began to run.