They went out of Lance's room, creeping to the left side of the wall. Chris had a firm hold on the back of Justin's neck, fingernails digging in just a little bit. There was a crack in Justin's lip, from where he'd bitten it, and it was bleeding enough that he could taste it on his tongue.

"Chris, man," Lance said suddenly. "Where's Tiny?"

KM glanced back. "I'll go find him." Chris nodded curtly at him, and pushed Justin gently forward again. They paraded down the hallway, Justin stumbling over his shoes, Lance in front of him and Chris bringing up the rear.

Lance banged his hand once on both Joey and JC's doors, then kept going without comment, eyes staring forward grimly. Justin tried to look behind him, but Chris kept his hand wrapped around the nape of Justin's neck.

"Elevator," Chris said, quietly.

Lance paused, closing his eyes. "It's only Boy." He pressed the button for 'up'.

"Shouldn't we." Justin balled his hands up. He was going to say 'be going down', but then there were those things behind his eyelids again, those words. His head throbbed.

Chris's fingers stroked his neck a little. He crooned, "If you get nauseous, just close your eyes. You'll be okay." Justin closed his eyes. The things were brighter, but easier to focus on.

His vision slid around them, past them, and they hid from his view.

Justin asked thickly, "What are these things?"

Lance replied, "Better not to ask." The elevator dinged it's arrival, and the doors swooshed open with a quiet sigh.