The phone rang.

He stared at it, clutching the pillow tightly.

Another ring.

He bit his lip, trying to turn away but being unable.

A third ring.

A fourth.

A fifth.

He leaped forward, picking up the phone before the machine kicked in. "H-hello?" he said, trying to sound calm.


Her voice was like honey, dripping down over his body and being licked up by hundreds of gorgeous women, all of them looking like her. He closed his eyes and let out a single sob. "Brit, I--"

"Justin, baby, where are you? I keep calling, and you don't answer and..." She trailed off sadly.

"I know, I know -- I'm sorry...Things are..." He broke off, and sobbed again.

"Baby, is everything okay?" she asked. "Are you okay?"

He slid down from the bed onto the floor -- clutching the phone tightly. "No," he said in a small childlike voice. "No, I'm not okay," he said slightly louder. "There are things happening and I keep seeing things and I think I'm going crazy, Brit, I think I'm losing my mind and Chris and Lance keep on meeting with people and talking to people and I don't know what's going on anymore..."

"Baby..." she said, her voice sweet and tender and loving in a way that the guys could never be. "Baby baby baby, where are you? I'll come over..."

He closed his eyes tightly and sniffled. "Lance's. Oh Brit, it's all fucked up and..."

"Shhh...don't worry. I'll be there in a few minutes. Okay?"

He nodded. "Okay. I love you, Brit."

"I love you too..." She hung up the phone.

He held the phone close to him, his eyes shut tight as he tried not to cry.

"Fuck!" someone shouted from the doorway. "He answered the phone!"

Chris and Lance came running in, standing in front of him.

"Justin, baby," Lance said, crouching down. "Did you talk to Brit?"

Justin kept his eyes closed and just nodded.

"Jesus Christ," Chris spat out.

Lance held up his hand to silence Chris, then leaned in closer to Justin. "Did you tell her where you were?"

Justin took a deep breath and didn't say anything.

"Baby, we need to know. She's not safe anymore. They have her. We have to know if you told her."

Justin kept quiet for a few seconds, then, softly, with barely any voice, said "Yes."

"Fuck!" Chris shouted. "I don't fucking believe this!"

Lance stood and faced Chris. "Shouting about it isn't going to do anyone good, is it? We have to get everything together and move out -- she'll be here soon. Get your stuff, tell KM, and I'll get Justin ready, okay?"

"Where are we gonna go, huh?" Chris said. "If she doesn't show up here, she'll show up at my house or at JC's or Joey's -- there isn't a safe house!"

"I know a place," Lance said quietly. "You just have to trust me."