He meets her at an afterparty. She's wearing a huge blond wig, and is one of the tallest, most gorgeous women there.

She's also wearing a miniskirt, and on her arm is a bald man with more piercings than Joey. She seems comfortable with him, when, suddenly, he says "Justin Timberlake. I've seen you on the telly."

She smiles at that, nervously, a little, then holds out her hand. "Charmed, darling," she says sweetly, with a hint of an accent, and then they quickly walk away.

He finds Lance, later, and tells him all about them, about the girl with the gorgeous legs and even sexier smile. Lance grins. "That was a man, Justin. A drag queen."

Justin blushed foolishly. "I think I would have known. This girl was all woman."

Lance looks around the room but by now they're long gone, all the freaks having left for a later (and possibly better) party, and he nods absently. "Of course, she probably was. My mistake." He frowns, just a little. "Did she wear fire engine red lipstick and was he British?"

Justin stands there, not moving, not blinking. Lance glances at him, nods to himself, then mutters to himself, "I wondered when they'd show up."