"Well," the bald man said with a smile. "You've gotten yourself into a fair amount of trouble, haven't you?"

"What the hell is going on?" Chris shouted. "Who the hell are you? What happened to Jason? I--"

"It's all right," the tall blonde woman (MAN, Chris suddenly realized. That's a man.) said. "You're going to be all right."

"Rough road ahead though," the tall black man in the top hat said. "Tough and rough and you'll be blown away by it all -- ain't no teenscene tiny thing able to handle that."

JC wiped his eyes and stood up, looking at the strange trio in front of them angrily. "Stop with the mystical bullshit and just tell us!"

The bald man looked at them, then shrugged. "Right." He paused. "I invoked John Lennon and he told me that I should come here and help out. When we got here, you--" He pointed at Joey. "Were about to be killed by Myrmidons, that blonde one over there was curled up in the corner for some reason, and you two were trying to fight off the Myrmidons but failing miserably, while one of the Outer Church's nuns was about to kill you."

Lance sat up and looked at him. "You invoked John Lennon?" he asked.

"He also told me that you should all learn to play a fucking instrument, but what does he know -- he's dead..." the bald man said as he helped Lance up. "I'm --"

"King Mob," Lance said as he touched his hand.

King Mob raised an eyebrow, then nodded. "Call me KM." He pointed at the other people. "That's Lord Fanny and Jim Crow, and we're here to help you."