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Welcome to Fluent Fag, a Bring It On slash fanfiction archive.

Bring It On is, quite simply, one of the sweetest, campest, queerest teen movies ever made about cheerleading. With Torrance, the perky and enthusiastic squad leader, Isis, her proud and inspired rival, and Missy, the smart-talking rebel who discovers the joy of cheerleading, it became something of a femslash hit, especially with Eliza Dushku playing Missy.

Include phrases such as "dykeadelic," "big dykey loser," and "speaking fluent fag," and an out and proud male cheerleader named Leslie, and you have a queer hit just begging for a slash archive.

So be out and proud about your Bring It On addiction! Read our fic by title, author, or pairings. If that isn't enough, you can check out some links, find out about the site or even submit your own stories.

Just remember, slash fanfiction contains homoerotic/homoromantic/homosexual relationships between two characters. Beware of girl-girl lovin' and boy-boy action, sometimes graphic, sometimes not. If you don't think you can handle cheerleaders spending time behind the bleachers, then, well, obviously, check out something else.

Bring It On is the property of Beacon Communications, MCA/Universal Pictures, Jessica Bendinger, and Payton Reed. This fan-created, fan-written site means no infringement upon any copyrights. No harm, no foul, right?

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