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Chossing The Captain
Francis Quina

Being the captain of the Rancho Carne Toros entailed many responsibilities. There was keeping the good name and reputation of the Toros alive and well. That was why she drove almost every weekend down to East Compton to get inspiration for their new routines.

Then, there was the responsibility of choosing the next captain, something that was supposed to be done through votes, but since it was a cheerocracy, she had the prerogative of overriding the popular choice if she was not happy with whoever it was.

Big Red was well aware of the kind of things that aspiring captains did to get the job. She herself did things to get the job last summer and this summer, she would be on the receiving end of it. She couldn't wait for it to start. She knew that her team knew all about it, it was common knowledge among the girls in the squad.

Courtney was the first to approach her with an offer, she turned it down naturally. Always turn down the first offer, her father had told her. And while she knew that he was referring to money and not sex, she applied it none the less because it was sound advise. Courtney returned two days later with a better offer, that was also turned down.

Judith Darcy knew where her strength was and offered not only sex, but some monetary compensation to go along with it. Big Red was naturally furious, she wasn't a whore, but she took the offer under consideration.

Whitney, her favorite one, offered what Courtney had initially offered. Big Red took it without promising anything, which was alright with Whitney. They met in one of those seedy motels and had their fill of each other. Whitney finally discovered that Big Red was actually a Big Blonde and a Big Moaner. She had a grand time eating Big Red out, circling her tongue around her clit and tasting her over and over again.

Word naturally reached Courtney and Darcy of the rendezvous, Whitney was the type that kissed and told after all, which killed her chances for the captainship. Big Red told the two of them that Whitney was out of the running so they had nothing to worry about, there was still a lot of time for them to come out with better offers.

Kasey, the quietest Toro, came to the table with an offer Big Red couldn't turn down. She gave her word if she could make it happen. It was too bad for Kasey that Les and Jan decided to be totally just friends at that moment. In any case, Kasey went down on Big Red one Saturday morning, it got the captain off, but it didn't get Kasey anything, just Big Red all over her chin.

Learning from Kasey and her mistake, Darcy and Courtney decided it was time to form a block for their campaign. Whitney, who has been Courtney's girl all these years threw her considerable talent with Courtney's camp. Kasey, meanwhile thought it was best to go along with Darcy because she was the strongest Toro, and Kasey was so into strong women.

Carver, who had no intentions of being the captain entered the running simply for fun, she offered Big Red the same deal as everyone did. Big Red accepted because she didn't even have to promise she'd consider her, plus she heard rumors about Carver's fixation with dildos. Those rumors turned out to be true, Carver had a considerably large collection of phalluses.

No wonder she's always cheery, Big Red thought, I'd be happy all the time too. She marveled at the collection and got to experience a lot of them. She would've given the position to Carver had she not played her "rocket-ship-docking-into-space-bay" game with a dildo as the rocket ship and Big Red as the space bay.

Things were beginning to heat up in the squad, Courtney and Darcy were going at each other's throat throughout their practice. Big Red had to escape, she asked Torrance, who was the most talented, but also the least interested one when it came to the captainship, to keep the squad together while she was away.

"What's in L.A.?" Tor asked when she told her where she was headed.

"Business, Tor. Toro Business," she answered cryptically. She met Maria in their regular room and they did their regular thing. Afterwards, sweaty and clingy, the departing captain of the Clovers asked her about the search for her replacement. Big Red told Maria about kiss-and-tell Whitney, quiet Kasey and immature Carver.

"Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun over there."

"Yeah, it's a lot of work too," she moaned, cuddling closer to the brown skinned girl. "What about your replacement?"

"Isis, one hell of a captain."

"Was she good?" Big Red wondered.

"I don't know, babe," Maria answered wholeheartedly. "But she's the best one for the job."

Big Red drove back to San Diego thinking of what her partner in cheer crime had done. Then again, maybe she was just playing her. Once she got back she set up appointments for both the Darcy and Courtney block. Darcy and Kasey performed for her on Saturday, it wasn't the first time she had two people in bed with her, but Kasey's meekness and Darcy's gung-ho attitude was a perfect combo.

The Courtney and Whitney tag team blew Big Red, figuratively and literally, away. Courtney and Whitney were both aggressive and they never let up their assault on Big Red's clit until she begged them to let her rest. By Monday morning she had made up her mind, Courtney and Whitney were going to be co-team captain, since they both performed very well, a couple of times.

But then, while changing to her uniform for one last time as the captain of the rancho Carne Toros, Torrance approached her with the offer that changed the course of Toro history.

"I want to be captain because I think I'm the best one for the job," Tor bluntly told her. "Plus, I can guarantee you hardcore male-male cheerleader action courtesy of Les and Jan."

"Kasey already asked them, they said they weren't down with it," Big Red commented.

"But that's because she doesn't know Les and Jan like I do, I'll even jump in if you want."

"Of course," she could handle two boys with the hots for each other like Les and Jan by her lonesome, but having Tor with them would sweeten the deal. The proverbial cherry on top of the whipped cream, all pun intended.

"So, is that a yes?" Tor asked hopefully.

"Yeah, sure. After all you are the best one for the job." And she really meant it.