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Just Once
Slash Mel

When she showed up at the gym, Courtney felt like screaming. The last thing she expected was to see her there, trying for the cheerleading squad. Knowing she would never get to see her again had been the main reason to do what she did.

She was so smug and so punk and so gorgeous, just like the time they had met. Her lips were still pouty and her attitude was even cockier. It made her groan, but apparently everyone thought it was because of dislike and she wasn't in a hurry to correct them. Jan, Les and Tor seemed fascinated by her, even if she knew nothing about cheering or routines.

Courtney indeed screamed but not in the way she would if her real feelings were expressed; she just sided with Whitney and said they already chosen the replacement. It was Whitney's younger sister, even if she had the grace of a rock; they would later work on it.

Badmouthing her was easy, she just blocked all the memories and announced at the top of her lungs that she was not what they were looking for.

Of course, she was right about the they thing, but the way the brunette's eyes studied her confirmed every single suspicion Courtney had: she remembered!

The cocky, dark girl might not be the cheerleading type, and Courtney would never accept her in the squad; but both were concious of one thing: Missy had already been accepted by Courtney because of some other skills she posessed.

Raking her eyes on the brunette's body, she spotted the black traces on her left upper arm and she smiled widely. Back then, Missy didn't have tattoos, then again, it could have changed. Courtney reminded them the rules about tattoos, and Missy just grinned in that shit-eating way of hers, flipped the bird, licked her finger tauntingly and showed us this tattoo was not, since she had been bored during one of her classes.

Once again, Courtney groaned, this time because of anger. That's when Whitney's bitchy side showed up and she had to ask Missy to do all those flips. Courtney knew Whitney thought Missy wouldn't be able, and if she hadn't met the brunette before she'd be as sure as her teammate.

Being the hardcore gymnast Missy was, it wasn't likely that she would fail. And she didn't, she awed the hell out of them. And even if Courtney enjoyed the sight, she had to stay focused on convincing the rest of them to side with Whit and her against Torrance.

When Torrance said nothing, Missy got tired of waiting and left just as she had arrived. Courtney thought it was over but Torrance had other ideas already and she was quite loud at voicing them.

Evidently, Missy Pantone's thing for cheerleaders not only drove her to do or become one of them, she also had to infatuate the Captain. To say that Courtney was beyond pissed was the understatement of the century. She couldn't believe Torrance had pulled ranks! She had done exactly what Courtney thought she would never dare: going against Whitney and her. So far, Torrance had been doing what they wanted and kicking Missy's butt out of there was the logical next step but no, Miss Cheerleader Shagger had showed off enough to make Tor go all bitchy on them. Not even Big Red had been that confrontational.

And then, when Torrance left after Missy, all Courtney could hear was a voice at the back of her head, mocking her.

Just once, Court... Just once, huh?


That weekend in Los Angeles had been the best time of her life, mostly because she had been left alone by her parents. They had some important dinner but she wasn't in the mood to go. They thought she should come along, even if she wasn't attending the event. She had reluctantly accepted, it was Los Angeles after all, maybe she could find something interesting there.

As soon as her parents called to her room, saying they were ready to go, she did what any red-blooded girl her age would do; she planned a night out. She had to be stupid to stay and watch TV when the whole city was waiting for her.

She wasn't going to miss her only chance, probably in the rest of her life, to do what she wanted, the way she wanted and with whom she wanted... She accepted she wasn't very bright, but this a one time thing!

So she picked her sultriest outfit, checked herself in the full length mirror, applied some make-up and tried a new 'do. When she was satisfied with her looks, she hurried out of the room, rode the elevator down, slipped away from the guards, walked a couple of blocks and took a cab.

Something along the lines of 'any interesting place for a girl like me', along with the promise of a good tip, and Courtney was on her way to a funny night. It amazed her the bored look the driver gave her, before he nodded and started driving. She found the idea of nobody caring if she was a teenage, an adult or if she was asking for trouble, quite refreshing. She sensed she could ask to be taken to some BDSM club and still he'd take her there, just as long as she paid what the taximeter indicated.

The ride took about half an hour, then she was dropped in the middle of a bunch of weird goth kids. She threw a questioning glance at the driver and he shook his head smiling, before pointing farther to the right. Oh, that was more like it; at least, the kids hanging around the entrance seemed normal, as far as a kid in LA could be.

By the time she reached the bouncer, the air was getting chilly and neither her barely there top nor her minuscle skirt were enough to cover her up. To make things worst, the stupid jerk kept stealing glances at her rack, evidently noticing the effect the air had on her nipples. She could swear he kept her waiting just to get to look at them.

Then, a brunette girl came into view, complete with attitude, gutter mouth, black tight T-shirt and black cargo pants. She didn't bother to get in the line, she just walked towards the meat wall playing as a bouncer, talked to him, slipped a twenty in his pocket and she was in.

Slut much? was Courtney's first thought. How dared she? She wasn't even feminine! All her presence screamed dyke, and still the bouncer let it pass. Was he blind or something?

It was relatively easy to make Courtney mad, but this time she was utterly enraged, this dykeadellic chick had come out of nowehere, smiled a little, bribed and she obtained in less than two minutes what she had been trying to get for the last forty. She even offered fifty but Meaty made her wait in line.

Usually, when Courtney got mad, she tended to be very vocal about it, and this was no exception. Yelling at the girl, she demanded an explanation as to why that bitch could get in and she couldn't. It made said girl stop dead in her tracks, turn around slowly and do a perfect impersonation of a wild animal observing its prey.

Courtney, on the other hand, had the opportunity to look at her. And she noticed that the girl was actually good-looking, didn't have a hairy face and wasn't as manly as she assumed.

"Excuse me,?" the girl in pants asked, "you have a problem with me?" Giggles in the background told Courtney she had evidently messed with the wrong gal, even Meaty looked at her in a mix of amusement and sorrow. She was not in Kansas anymore, well, not in San Diego at least.

The brunette approached Courtney, slowly repeating her question, insinuating that her blondeness was reason enough to treat her as retarded. It bothered Courtney, just because she didn't answer it didn't mean she couldn't understand the question. But her fury wouldn't let her say a word since she was frozen!

For long minutes, Courtney held the other girl's stare, hoping her best icy glare would intimidate her rival and she'd go back to the hotel scratchless.

"Missy." The girl said, moving to the side so Courtney would walk into the club. The blonde threw a glance at the bouncer and he was smiling widely, evidently she had passed some kind of rite but she didn't care, at least no one was throwing fists at her.

"I ain't no missy!" she hissed walking past the girl in black, who just laughed and also stepped into the place. Unknowingly, Courtney had walked into the dark haired girl's group of friends; so when she turned around, she found said girl a few inches away from her.

"No, that's my name. Evidently the parental units were on crack, otherwise why would they pick such a crappy name, right?"

Courtney felt quite stupid, not only had she made an ass of herself yelling at the other girl, but she had also thought she called her missy, being that it was the girl's name. And she was right, it was a crappy name. No one deserved a name like that. It actually made her smile, at least hers was way more decent.

"Courtney." she offered, wondering not for the first time why she was talking to this girl.

"Ok, Courtney. You're welcome to hang with me and my friends, or you can make your way around. Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll have fun..." Missy commented dismissively.

Taking a look around the place, Courtney noticed there were few boys around, and behind Missy, at least five girls and three boys, all of them dressed in a similar fashion. They weren't exactly the kind of people she'd usually hang with, but they appeared to be the less psychotic of all the people in the club. Besides, she was there to have fun and meet new people. It could actually work.

"And next time, try to bring at least a jacket, air tends to get chilly by this time of the year." Courtney felt her face hot, it was obvious Missy had noticed just how chilly the air had been for her. Unconciously, she crossed her arms in front of her chest, making Missy grin at her actions. "So, you coming?" Courtney nodded her reply, fearing her wavering voice would furthen her embarrassment.


Things had indeed been interesting that night. Missy, her friends and Courtney danced, joked, laughed and smoked a lot. And Courtney paid no attention to the voice in her head which kept saying she would regret this escapade the next Monday. By the time they decided to leave, Missy dragged Courtney away from the mass of people, saying they had to talk.

"Joanie there has a party, wanna come or want me to drop you somewhere?" Missy had said, talking about the blue-black hair and long violet dress both Courtney and her had danced with. Courtney knew it was decission time and she considered her options. Being with Missy had been fun, she was someone people liked to be around, even her Missy's friends were fun, but a glance at her watch made her think things better. Her parents may not really care about her, but if they happened to go to her room and she wasn't there, then she'd be in serious problems.

"Argh, gotta return to the hotel. If I'm not there, my mother will freak!" she exagerated. She was sure they would just call to her room saying they were there, but she wasn't risking it.

"OK, just lemme tell the guys." Missy replied as she opened the door of her car to Courtney.


Telling her friends took Missy about ten minutes but as soon as she returned to Courtney's side, she asked the blonde where to go. All the way from the club to the hotel, the brunette goofed around, causing the cheerleader to laugh constantly.

Courtney even told Missy she was a cheerleader, which got her just a raised brow and a lopsided smile.

"What?" she snapped, mistaking Missy's expression. She was tired of people making fun of her because of her activities.

"Nothing, it's just... Nevermind. I'm a gymnast you know, maybe in another dimension I could have been a cheerleader too. I also flip, turn and sommersault; the main difference between you cheerleaders and us gymnasts is that we don't have to smile, yell, dance and cheer for a bunch of sweaty guys. Ew, gross!"

That had been unexpected. Somehow, Courtney could picture Missy like a cheerleader, and she had to admit said mental image made the brunette look hot. Not that she'd ever admit it, verbally. And the comment about the sweaty guys was so true, hadn't she loved cheering so much, she would have certainly given up on the Toros.

It seemed like the drive to the hotel had been shorter than she expected, and probably it had being that Missy wasn't interested in charging her for the ride. Courtney asked Missy to leave her in front of the building, but the other girl refused, saying she wasn't that kind of girl. The way she said it made Courtney wonder if the girl was or not joking with her. She dismissed it, thinking that her mind was playing tricks on her.


Missy had parked inside the hotel and insisted on walking Courtney to her room. Courtney finally accepted.

Once inside the elevator, Missy hauled her up in her arms saying she'd carry her all the way to her room, just to demostrate that gymnasts were stronger than cheerleaders. Courtney screamed, squealed and begged for Missy to put her down but Missy wouldn't budge, and even managed to also tickle her somehow.

No one had ever made Courtney laugh so hard in a long, long time.

Bypassers stared at them strangely but Missy just gave them her usual 'Bite Me' grin and asked Courtney for the room number. Once there, she finally let the blonde down, who quickly produced the key from between her breasts.

As she pushed the door open, Courtney heard the phone ringing and ran in panic towards the thing. It was her mother announcing they weren't returning soon, so she didn't have to wait for them. She also wanted to know why Courtney had delayed so much in answering the phone. Evidently, her 'I-Was-Taking-A-Shower' reply was good enough for the older woman.

Once the blonde had finished talking to her mother, she saw Missy lazily laying on her bed. Arms crossed under her head, eyes fixed on the ceiling, trying to find the cracks on it. Without really thinking about it, Courtney joined Missy, intending to find some cracks on her own. But since there were none, they soon had nothing else to do.

Missy wasn't moving, and if not for the fact that her eyes closed and opened from time to time, Courtney would have thought that the girl had fallen asleep with her eyes open. Laying there had made Courtney sleepy and her eyes had suddenly become heavier. Missy noticed it and made fun of the blonde. Grabbing the remote control from the bedside table, she turned the TV on and flipped channels until she found MTV. It seemed to shake Courtney's sleepiness aside, especially when Missy jumped from bed and started dancing.

It made Courtney roll her eyes; they had danced like for hours in that club and Missy still had the energy to keep bouncing around the room. Taking one of the pillows from under her, she threw it at the brunette but she docked it by doing one of her famous backwards sommersaults. Courtney was awed by the move, but the way Missy wiggled her brows at her told her she had just been showing off.

It wasn't long before both of them were daring the other to make moves. Courtney had been lucky enough to make Missy imitate her cheerleading routines. Of course, it meant Courtney had to try some of Missy's gymnastic ones; and she tried, but more than once she landed on her butt. Sometimes, when she was about to fall, Missy would hold her by the waist and patiently explain her how to do it.

Several bumps later, Courtney had been able of doing half of Missy's routine without help. When she managed to do a decent performance, according to her dark-haired friend, Courtney was so thrilled that she jumped Missy, effectively knocking her onto the bed.

Having Missy pinned down that way, made her realize she could tickle her and so did she, plunging mercilessly her fingers into her victim's ribs.

For being such a badass girl, Missy was pretty girly when trying to bat Courtney's hands away.

Unfortunately for Courtney, the ticklefest didn't last long. Bucking her hips up, Missy could turn the tables on her and the blonde suddenly found herself sandwiched between the soft bed and an equally soft Missy.

The giggle wanting to erupt out of her, died before it reached her lips once Courtney felt the warmth of Missy's breath against her face; and her eyes opened widely when she noticed the smiling poutty mouth and those glittering dark eyes hovering over her.

"Court," Missy rasped breathlessly, looking intently into the lighter eyes.


"You're actually cool for a cheerleader, you're not that bitchy you know." She commented, still lost into Courtney's irises. Her usually brown eyes almost black.

"Yeah well, you're pretty girly for a punk," Courtney retorted, willing her heart to stop throbbing so hard.

"I am?" Missy asked, evidently amused by the blonde's words.

"Uh huh."

"Well, then I guess I'll have to prove you wrong." Prove me wrong? Yeah, right! Courtney was going to say but having Missy's lips on hers made speaking a little difficult.

When Missy broke the contact, Courtney felt it was too soon. Seconds passed in silence before Courtney noticed she had closed her eyes. Wow!

This wasn't her first kiss, but certainly no one ever had been so tender with her.

"So, did I prove you wrong?" Missy asked in huskily.

Courtney just stared at her, as if she was looking at Missy for the first time, and in a way she was. Then she knew, right then, right there, that it didn't matter if she was gay or not, or if she accepted it or not; all that mattered to her was to have those lips pressed against hers.

Missy seemed to read her thoughts since she leaned forward. The blonde met her halfway, craving the sensation of Missy's lips barely touching hers.

She couldn't tell who initiated it but when she actually started thinking about her actions, they were frenching passionately.

Oh my God, what am I doing? Courtney asked herself, mixing that thought with several versions of I'm kissing a girl, really kissing a girl!

There was also another part of her assuring it was just once and that it wasn't likely that she should ever get to see Missy again. This part won the battle for her will, so she relaxed and melted into Missy's delicious mouth and demanding hands.

Soon, making out wasn't enough and Courtney gladly arched into Missy when the brunette's hands reached further than they had before, both between her legs and on her abs.

"Court..." Missy purred into her ear, just before engulfing said ear among her luscious lips. Thousands of sensations shoting through the blonde's body, from the back of her neck towards the apex of her legs, making her shudder. She had never been this eager before, it was almost as if her body was on fire and the only way to control it was by having the full length of Missy on her, and those talented hands touching, caressing; as well as her skilled mouth kissing and nibbling their way from Courtney's lips to her shoulders.

A moan escaped the cheerleader's throat when Missy's fingertips held a nipple between them through the thin material of her bra, she was sure it hadn't felt like it when her last boyfriend did the same in his car. In fact, this thing with Missy was way better than all the times with him.

"Take it off, come on baby, take it off!" Baby? Courtney was used to boys calling her baby, not to be the one saying it but God, Missy was such a babe.

Wanting to feel more of Missy, Courtney's hands fumbled with the buttons of the cargo pants the brunette was wearing. Noticing the blonde's distress, Missy placed her hands over Courtney's and got rid of the clothing item. Courtney, in the meantime, decided the T-shirt should go as well, and Missy raised her arms once she had gotten rid of the pants. Obviously, Missy wouldn't let herself be undressed and leave Courtney fully clothed. So she practically ripped the top off the blonde and pushed the miniskirt up, not even bothering to unfasten its zipper.

The feel of their heated skins made both of them groan in pleasure. For Courtney, it was all she needed to corroborate her suspicions that there was no way back from this. She knew she was unable to stop what was going to happen, she wouldn't dare to try even!

Courtney had wondered how Missy had done it, but her hands seemed to go to all the right places, driving her crazy with need. The fact that it was she and not a he the one inspiring such feelings, not being an issue anymore.

Come on, come on! Touch me... somewhere!

And Missy did touch her. Courtney felt when Missy's trembling hands opened her legs to accomodate herself better, and her hips, having a mind of their own, jolted up once Missy placed her abs onto Courtney's crotch.

Having her own hips imitating Courtney's, Missy positionated totally over the blonde, in between her strong legs, causing both their mounds to constantly touch. It was pure bliss for Courtney, but Missy was also lost in some kind of haze. And they hadn't even taken their underwear off!

Their first orgasm took them by surprise, Missy had traced Courtney's ribs with the tip of her fingers, caressing the blonde's skin until she reached the band of her skirt. Finally getting rid of it, she proceeded to take the thong off too, lowering her face against Courtney's core. The feel of Missy's breath against her, sent a tingling sensation to the rest of Courtney's body.

When Missy finally caressed Courtney's clit with her tongue, she just needed a few strokes to send the blonde over the edge, and with the sounds said girl was making, it wasn't long before she experienced it too.

Courtney's return from the land of pleasure was met with Missy's lips firmly sucking on her breasts, ocasionally switching to gently bites. Missy was really talented and the cheerleader thought for a moment that she had evidently done it before. She wanted to ask the brunette about it but no words were coming, so she didn't try anymore and just focused on Missy's tongue swirling on her breasts.

Missy had made Courtney come four times in a row; not even Jan had done that in his best days. When Courtney tried to reciprocate Missy said it was ok, that she shouldn't worry. Missy had indeed experienced her share of pleasure, of that Courtney was sure, because she had felt Missy's wetness on her leg, and the gymnast's body had gone rigid just as hers had.

During the aftermath, Courtney noticed the blush on Missy's cheeks, wondering if she was also bearing a similar pink tonality on her face. Missy seemed pretty tired, her eyelids were slowly closing but also were Courtney's. Making a last effort, the brunette pulled the other girl from between her legs to her chest, softly pecked her lips and settled the flaxen head over her chest.

Listening to the sound of Missy's calming heart, Courtney started to grasp the meaning of her actions. A girl had fucked her, she had gone all the way with this brunette gymnast she met in a random club. What would the girls say if they knew? How was she supposed to keep reign on her desires after this? She had swore it was just once but the memory of Missy's body trembling under hers was making her tingly all over again.

"Court, babe, I gotta go..." Missy said sometime later, and Courtney realized the brunette's heartbeat had been like a lullaby to her, since she had fallen into deep sleep just listening to it.


"Gotta go, it's late and my dad's gonna kill me." Missy continued, even if she wasn't motioning to take her clothes.

"Oh...yeah... sure..." the blonde stammered, suddenly hyperaware of her nakedness. Why hadn't she been ashamed before, when they had crushed their lips together? Reaching hastily for a sheet, she covered their bodies thanking the fact that Missy wasn't paying attention.

"Anyway, what was your name again?" Missy suddenly asked, disentangling herself from under Courtney and turning her back on the covered girl. Then, without turning around, she got up and started searching for her clothes. For some unknown reason, they were all scattered around the bed.

"Courtney... Egbert," the cheerleader replied, holding the sheet up to her chin, not wanting Missy to look at her body; which was completely ridiculous since she had recently kissed and touched all of it.

"Ok, Courtney... Egbert," she commented, her voice an octave lower. "In case you don't remember," she paused because of the t-shirt she was putting on, "I'm Missy..." fastening her pants, "Missy Pantone. And you my dear, are the sweetest cheerleader I've ever tasted..." she finished, sitting on the bed and tying her sneakers up, without bothering to rearrange her hair.

It took Courtney a little to understand Missy's comment but when she did, she ignored if she should feel insulted or not. Missy was either complimenting her or plainly mocking her for being a cheerleader. Missy saw the blonde's brows furrowing and before she could utter a comeback, she kissed her lips gently.

"See you around Courtney Egbert, maybe we can meet some other time..." And with that she left, no cuddles, no promises of calling back. It was weird for Courtney; at least her virginity was long lost or she'd have been really pissed at Missy.

The sound of the door closing made her realize Missy had done the right thing. Missy knew Courtney had wanted her, bad; but she also knew the cheerleader would never try to pursue a relationship with her. So she had left, not giving a phone number or an e-mail to reach her, she wasn't forcing Courtney. And just by this, she made the whole experience even better for the blonde.


But now, almost three months later, Missy was attending Rancho Carne High and Tor had gotten her to join their squad. Could it be any worse? At least Missy had remained silent and away from her, even if she seemed to be around Torrance most of the time.

Whitney was planning on forcing Tor to give up, she had called Aaron to get his help and he agreed. With some luck, Whitney and her would take upon the squad, Missy would leave and they would return to their old routines; because there was no way in hell those Clover chicks would get the money for the nationals.