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You Should Have Kept Your Mouth Closed
Amy Dias

Fuck this girl is good
She is really worth the time I spent on her
Watching her
Studying her
At the training sessions
In the lockers room
Ogling her and making her know what I was doing
She loved the looks I gave her
She never concealed my view

Since the first day I saw her at the meeting I knew I had to get her
The blond hair
The sultry look
Lips begging to be nibbled on
I knew I had to have her

And now she is squirming under my touch
Begging for more
And I willingly give it to her
I pin her to the wall of the locker room
And take her mouth with mine
Tasting the flavour of these lips that have haunted me
I can feel her pressing even harder against my body
Trying to catch me when I know I possess her

I tell her to grab the sides of the locker I am pining her against
And when she does I slowly make my way down her beautifully sculpted body

Discarding her red top
Cupping her breasts
Twirling the nipples between my lips
Taking my first taste of her skin
This makes her moan
What will it be when I dip my tongue where I know she needs it most

I reach down from her ankles and slowly trail a patch up to her inner
Up to her moist patch of curls
Teasingly slowly
Making her beg
She wants to touch me
Her knuckles are white from the death grip she has on the sides of the locker

I can hear her shallow breathing and I take pity on her
I reach for her mouth and insufflate life to her limbs
My tongue slowly dancing in her mouth
Caressing hers
Tasting her
Sucking her in my mouth in long deep strokes

I feel she needs me somewhere else
And I leisurely make my way down her uniform clad lower body
Leaving a wet trail leading from her throat to her navel
I am on my knees
I dip my tongue in her navel

Fuck this got me a groan
I lift her skirt
Ow the naughty girl no panties!!!
I knew it
I kiss the junction of her tight and her belly
So close... I can smell her
I hear her taking a deep breath
I feel her shuddering

As a reward for her eloquence I take hold of her hips and pull me to her
She instinctively wraps a leg around my neck
In doing so she gives me a better access to her pussy
I dip my head and slowly lick the length of her lower lips
Beginning by her swollen clit ending by her opening and up again
Drinking of her

I enter her with the same slowness
One finger till the knuckle then deeper
Then pull it out
A second later I reenter her with three fingers
I had my mouth to the mix
A tiny scream escapes her throat
She is loving every second of it

I take her clit in my mouth caressing it with my tongue
I let go and breath on it
She jolts from the locker trying to get more contact
I make my way down the length of her pussy
Fuck she is so wet I am scared she is gonna suffocate me
I penetrate her with my tongue
And she grabs my head and pulls me to her

I begin a deep rhythm trying to follow the trashing of her hips
She is panting now and I hear her murmur that she is close
To be sure that she is I push two fingers inside of her
And I suck on her clit pining it between my teeth
Running the tip of my tongue over it again and again

And just when I feel her walls grabbing at my fingers I stop
Pull away
Not even touching her

She instantly whimpers
Lacking the contact of my wet tongue maybe
I stand up for I have to speak to her
I am close to her ear when I say
" Who looks like an uber dyke now sweetheart?"

She has this glassy look in her eyes and I believe that I heard the
noise of her jaw hitting the floor
She is shocked and I love every minute of it

I walk away from her and I hear her say that this is not happening
Not to her
I turn and just as I am about to exit the locker room
I scream at her