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Making Out Needs
Katie Vieceli

Ok, so they obviously weren't going to make out with any of the skanky boys at their high school. College boys were stupid and three miles away, and besides, Courtney's dad was a professor there and they'd get caught for sure.

So it was natural that they should turn to each other for their making out needs. They were perfect separately, and the combined wattage of them together was enough to knock you out.

But the light was strangely dimmed as Courtney and Whitney sat on the grass outside of Jan's dad's place, where the after-graduation party of the season was taking place. (Jan's parents were light years away in Brazil, naturally)

"You know," Whitney said sadly, "I didn't think it was gonna be quite like this..."

"Yeah, me either, I thought Jan's parents were rich enough to at least afford a hot tub..." Courtney broke off when she saw the reproach in Whitney's eyes. "Ok, so we're doing the serious talking thing..." She suppressed the urge to roll her own eyes and turned to face her best friend and erstwhile make out partner. "So what did you think it would be like?"

"Um, I don't know. I always figured that senior year we'd be co-captains and we'd win the championship." She let her long hair fall down, hiding her face. "It'd be our year to shine or something dumb like that."

"Hey!" Courtney made a face at Whitney, and shook her shoulders lightly. "Stop that. We're so gonna rock UCLA when we get there this fall. We'll be co-captains there."

"Well, duh." A flash of the usual Whitney. "But, uh, Courtney...you promise we'll still be together?"

"Of course. Taking out the less fortunate with our witty and cutting comments. That's us, the bitch pair, and nobody's gonna stop us."

Whitney rolled her eyes. She was very good at this, and she also tended to add in a sigh that was perfectly tinged with contempt and condescension., As she did it right then, Courtney leaned over to kiss her, catching her with her mouth slightly open and relaxed. Whitney hmmphed a little and tried to wiggle out of her friend's grasp, but eventually settled down and responded. Courtney broke the kiss off and moved away, but kept hold of one of Whitney's hands.

"Hey, Courtney?"


"When we get to UCLA, can I be your girlfriend?" She hurried to fill up the silence with chatter. "I heard that UCLA is totally okay with dyke-y type things, not that it would be dyke-y at all, cause it's us and mmm..." She shut up when she saw Courtney smiling at her.