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Moving On

"Yeah Les, I know it's a long way, but I'll call and I'll visit."

"Missy please, don't leave. I know it hurts like hell, but he does make her happy," Les begged.

Missy shrugged with false bravado, "Not everything is about her, babe. Unlike you I am quite able to think independently of what's in between my legs."

"Right... That explains why you dated not only Darcy and Carver, but Courtney too," he jibed.

"Why do I hang out with you again," she asked exasperatedly.

"Because of my dashing good looks and irresistible charm?"

"More like queer solidarity and a less annoying personality than everyone else around here, although I am beginning to question that." She sighed. "You gonna help me load the car or what?"

"Yeah I'll help," he conceded, "but I want to go on the record as saying that I am completely and totally against this move."

"Your objection is duly noted. Ignored, but still noted."

Nothing is going to stop her from leaving this town, and its happy people. Couples in love and everybody going around like life can still go on when your heart gets ripped out every day.

They finish loading the car and Missy tells her best friend goodbye as she tells herself that this move has nothing to do with love. She gets out on the freeway and passes a sign.

Torrance 730 miles