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Sibling Rivalry

"Nice uniform sis! You look like a giant strawberry!"

With a grunt, Missy shoved Cliff into the hall and slammed the door in his face. Turning back to the mirror, she stared at her reflection intently, scrutinizing every little detail meticulously. The red lipstick was a bit too loud, her hair, pulled up like that, didn't look quite as stunning as she'd like it to be, and those little white socks and whiter than white sneakers were way too geeky for a cool L.A. girl like herself. And! On top of everything! Her spankies were too tight.

"Argh... the joys of being a fuckin' cheerleader! And all that for Torrance Shipman..."

Truth be honest, Missy had only joined the squad to be close to the head cheerleader. Well, that and because her brother had challenged her in front of Torrance by saying she wasn't the cheerin' type. Yeah, ok, he was right, she was a hardcore gymnast that took pride in her sport and couldn't degrade herself to doing little flips and cartwheels for pure entertainment purposes, but being ridiculed in front of the object of her affection was all the extra motivation she needed to get up the guts. And now, here she was, in her brand new red, black and white Rancho Carne High outfit.

A car honked outside. Taking one last good look at herself, Missy regretfully left her room and made her way downstairs. She suddenly felt shy, something she never ever did. Her heart pace quickened, butterflies fluttered in her stomach, making her tingly all over. That it was nervousness about her first game or the anticipation of seeing Torrance again, Missy didn't know. She opened the front door slowly and walked out. Leslie, Jan and Torr were cheering for her. She blushed slightly, saying "Dude, no way!". But the gang was hooting and clapping, and Torrance was calling her mama and telling her to shake it. So she did. She put on a mock show for the little blonde. She had better moves, of course, but if she was planning to win the girl over, to truly seduce her, she had to keep her good moves in reserve.


The car ride had been fun: she'd learned that Leslie was also gay (she'd suspected it the second she'd met him because her gaydar had bleeped, but it was nice to know for sure), Jan had revealed one of Courtney's secrets (a fact that she'd keep in mind for future blackmail use) and Torrance had accepted her invitation to sleep over. That had put her in a good mood for the game, luckily, because it could not have been more brutal.

"So is every game that eventful?" she asked her guest once they got home.

"No, thank God! We have a real situation on our hands..."

Hands... Missy wasn't listening to the little blonde's words; she was too busy looking at Torr's hands... lips... and eyes... her cute little nose... and those breasts, all perky under that pink top... How Missy just wanted to touch them! Caress them through the thin fabric until the nipples were rock hard...

"Missy, did you hear what I said?"

"Uh... no, sorry, what?"

"I said you were good tonight. At the game."

"Oh! Uh... thanks. So were you." Missy answered, atypically blushing at the compliment.

Torrance stepped forward and gently squeezed the brunette's arm.

"I'm sorry Miss... I should have listened to you and made the squad change the routine earlier. Then you wouldn't have had to deal with the Clovers showing up on your first game..."

Missy's arm was on fire. Its nerves were sending tiny explosions of pleasure all over the place. Torr's apology warmed her heart and the heat settled low in her stomach. She unconsciously leant forward, bringing her face mere inches away from the other girl's.

Torrance saw the look of pure lust, of undeniable desire in her friend's eyes. She suddenly backed away and quickly thought of an excuse to leave the room.

"I have to go to the bathroom!" With that said, Torr practically ran down the hall. Frantically looking around for the right door, she opened one slightly and took in the sight of Cliff, jumping around while he played guitar. She was about to ask him where the bathroom was when Missy appeared behind her.

"What are you doing?"

"Oh!... um... Where's the bathroom?"

"Right there."

Torr took off, leaving Missy alone with her brother. She entered the room and closed the door behind her.

"What's up with Torrance? Did you try one of your moves on her? 'Cause we've been over this Miss, hitting on straight girls never works out for you."

"Cliff? Shut up. It's not funny. I don't want this to be a repeat of what happened in L.A., alright?"

He feigned innocence, giving her a puppy eyed look.

"What could you be insinuating?"

"Let me see... Only that you've date every girl I've ever been interested in just to taunt me! I like Torrance, I mean I really like her."

"I got it Critter Face. The cheerleader's yours... if you can actually make her!"

Grimacing, Missy left his room and went back to hers. She tucked herself in and waited for her guest to return.


Ignoring the "promise" he'd just made his sister, Cliff grabbed his toothbrush and made his way to the bathroom. Torrance was there, brushing her teeth. He grinned and started doing the same, completely confidant that his charm and charisma would make the little blonde fall for him instantly.

Torrance smiled politely, but she was in fact truly bothered by Cliff's presence. Is this his idea of seducing a woman? she wondered, giggling at the thought. What a moron! She finished off quickly and exited without saying a word, leaving Cliff to wonder what had gone wrong with his cruising technique.


When she came back, Torr found Missy asleep. She closed the door, turned the light off and quietly settled into bed.

But Missy couldn't sleep. Feeling Torrance's body so close to her was torture. She wanted to turn around, kiss her, take her, touch her everywhere, make her writhe beneath her, make her cry out in ecstasy, take her to the edge and push her over it... again and again and again... But it was pretty clear to her that the little blonde didn't want that. She'd tried to kiss her before and Torr had run away! Right to her bro's room on top of it... She probably wanted him...

"Are you into my brother?"

Startled, Torr's body jerked.

"Shit! You scared me, I thought you were asleep."

Missy turned completely, moving closer.

"Sorry... I was just wondering."

"Missy, why would you think that?"

"'Cause, before, when I almost... and then you left... you went to his room."

"I was really on my way to the bathroom, but I lost my way, you know? And then I saw him, and he was jumping around..."

"It's ok if you're into him."

"Missy, stop. I don't like Cliff like that. I... uh... like somebody else."

Missy's face dropped, a frown involuntarily darkening her features.

"That's great T. So, what's he like? Come on, spill the details." Oh Gawd shoot me! Missy thought.

"As a person? Funny, witty, brave, honest, and the perfect balance of shy and extroverted."

"He sounds special..."

"Definitely special. Physically... well, first of all, very beautiful. Great bod. Make that a totally hot bod. I really love that sexy stomach. And that cute little ass."

"So, what's his name?"

"Missy." Torrance answered.

"Yeah Torr?" the brunette asked, not understanding that this was Torrance's answer.

"Her name is Missy."

Dumbfounded, all Missy could do was stare at her with wide eyes and a slack jaw.

"I'm sorry I ran away earlier when you were about to kiss me. I looked into your eyes, I saw what you were feeling for me and I freaked. I've never been with a girl before Miss... it kinda scares me."

Missy gently caressed Torr's cheek, looking into her eyes, silently conveying her feelings again. She then closed the gap between their bodies and finally kissed her. The kiss was soft and tentative, reassuring and loving.

"Was that scary?" she asked once the kiss had ended.

Flushed, Torrance tried to answer but all that came out of her mouth was something resembling "Mpfffnnnmmm". What she was thinking was more along the lines of Mmm... please don't stop... no... more!.

Missy smirked, leaning in for more. She meant this second kiss to be soft as well, but it quickly grew more passionate. Their tongues danced, explored and tasted... their bodies pressed together, their limbs tangled... Missy's hands caressed her lover's back as she kissed her neck... her throat... her collarbone. Torr's shy fingers lightly grazed the side of her breast, causing the brunette to moan softly.

"Too many clothes, not enough skin!"

Missy sat and started lifting her top, only to be stopped by her girlfriend. "Let me do that" whispered Torrance before slowly dragging the material up the brunette's body, her thumbs tracing little patterns on soft skin as she did so. Missy shivered, then smirked at Torrance's sharp intake of breath at the sight of her bare chest. The shy blonde also removed Missy's boxers, finding her naked underneath. She admired her body, first with her eyes, then her fingers. She gently cupped the girl's right breast, touching it as if testing its weight... its feel... its texture. She then leaned forward and boldly took Missy's nipple in her mouth, aching to taste it. She swirled her tongue around it, feeling it crinkle under her ministrations. Missy's hands unconsciously tangled in the blonde's hair, holding her gently to her breast.

"Oh Torrance..." she moaned, trembling.

Torr kissed her lover's lips again, holding her tightly in her arms. Missy tugged on the blonde's top, breaking the embrace to lift it off.

"You're so beautiful Torr..." she whispered upon seeing the perfect mounds of pink flesh.

"You haven't seen the rest yet!" she teased, removing her pj pants and underwear at an excruciatingly slow rate. Upon seeing the thatch of blonde curls between Torrance's legs, Missy simply dove in. She eased Torr back on the bed, kneeled between her thighs and gently touched her lover's breasts... her thumbs rolled over their nipples, making them stiffen. Taking one between her lips, she delicately sucked on it and flicked with her tongue, while her fingers pinched and squeeze the other.

"MmmmmMissy..." Torrance arched her back, a growing need spreading through her body. Sensing her urgency, Missy left a trail of kisses on the blonde's stomach, all the way down to her core. She took in the sweet musky smell of her lover's arousal, letting it fill her and guide her before plunging in. She licked up and down then dipped in with the tip of her tongue, finding Torrance extremely tight. Licking back up, she latched onto the girl's clit and sucked gently whilst caressing it with her tongue.

"Oh.. God... ugh....yessssss" Torrance's body arched right off the bed, her thighs trembling as the orgasm ripped through her with such an intensity that it blinded her.

When she came to, Missy was holding her tightly in her arms.

"Are you ok baby?"

"More than ok... Wow... Missy... I never imagined it would be that good!"

"Imagined? No one's ever gone down on you before?"

"No... I've never even had sex with Aaron."

"Who's Aaron?"

"My boyfriend." Seeing the wounded look in Missy's eyes, Torrance jumped in with an explanation. "It's just a cover! He's... um... he's gay too."

"Are there any other covers I should know about?" Missy asked, smirking.

"No, he's the only one. Or rather, was."

"So... you're a virgin?"

Torrance blushed and looked down.

"Hey, don't be ashamed. I was a virgin once. Lost my cherry to a blonde cheerleader."

Confused, Torrance just eyed the brunette. "Me? But I didn't..."

"No, not you, a girl at Hemery High, my old high school in L.A."

"Did you love her?"

"Yeah, I did, but she ended up dating my brother..." Missy looked away, trying to hide the pain she felt.

"Miss... look at me. You don't have to worry about that with me. 'Cause... I'm yours. I love you."

"I love you too."

"Missy... make love to me..."

They kissed for a while, their hands exploring each other's bodies, learning how to please, finding ticklish spots and erogenous ones. Torrance found herself between Missy's thighs, tasting her for the first time. With gentle strokes and frenzied licks, she brought her lover over the edge. Once she recovered, Missy laid over Torrance, kissing her tenderly as her hand caressed the girl's wetness. Positioning three lubricated fingers at the opening, she looked into her lover's eyes.

"Are you sure?"


"I love you"

As she said the words, Missy entered her, pushing her fingers in gently but firmly. Torrance whimpered and tensed, her breathing heavy.

"Shhh... relax..."

Missy kissed Torr soothingly and felt her inner muscles relax. She moved her fingers in and out slowly, watching her lover's face intently. Torr's eyes were squeezed shut. Whispering words of encouragement, she quickened the pace slightly and moved her thumb over her clit to rub it gently. Torrance moaned loudly and her hips rose up, pushing onto Missy's hand. The brunette pushed her thigh behind her hand, adding pressure, and started rocking back and forth, pressing her own wetness on Torrance's thigh. Feeling Missy's hot center on her leg, Torrance eased her hand between their bodies and slid her fingers inside. Missy cried out, and sensing her release approaching, increased the pace. Torr climaxed, her muscles shook violently and tightened around Missy fingers, sending the brunette over the edge as well.

Exhausted, both girls struggled to catch their breath. They lifted the sheets over their bodies, cuddled and fell asleep.


The next morning, Cliff woke up to the sound of the shower down the hall. Knowing his sister would never be up this early, there was no doubt in his mind that it was Torrance showering. Picking his toothbrush up, he headed towards the bathroom.

"Ready for round 2!"

He reached for the knob, stopping dead in his tracks when he heard the soft moaning sounds coming from behind the door. She's masturbating in there... whoa... He wiggled the knob three times to the right, then once to the left, effectively unlocking it. He quietly slithered into the steam-filled room and closed the door behind him. The shower's glass panels were opaque with condensation. He wiped a small part, leaning in to spy on the blonde. She was rubbing her breasts, her head thrown back, the water cascading down her body. He wiped a bigger portion of the glass only to discover his sister's head moving between Torrance's thighs.


Both girls jumped out of their skin. Torrance slid the panel open and glared furiously at her brother-in-law.

"Do you MIND?! I'd like to have a PRIVATE moment with my GIRLFRIEND!"

Missy smirked at her brother, winked and closed the shower door.