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JT Langdon

Missy stared down at the woman sleeping next to her and sighed. She couldn't believe Torrance Shipman was in her bed. It was a dream come true. Or perhaps a nightmare. Sometimes she had this dream where she was late for class but for the life of her she couldn't remember her locker combination. The correct sequence of numbers seemed to hover just on the edge of her mind, like a ghost, haunting her. But she could never remember. And just when Missy thought she had it right at last something would happen to make her forget again. It was so maddening. And that's what it felt like sleeping with head cheerleader Torrance Shipman. She had the woman of her fantasies right there with her and she could do nothing about it. And that was because Torrance had no idea Missy was in love with her.

No one could have been more surprised than Missy was. This was so not like her. There were girls like Torrance back in Los Angeles, but she never paid them much attention. She never even imagined falling for a cheerleader!

Until she met Torrance.

It sounded impossible. Missy could have listed a thousand reasons she and Torrance were not meant for each other. Could the two of them possibly be more different? She doubted it. But there was something about the skinny blonde that warmed her insides. She couldn't stop thinking about her. Torrance was so beautiful! That long blonde hair, those gorgeous deep blue eyes. And that body! God! That incredible body! She had seen glimpses of it in the girl's locker room before cheerleading practice and nearly fainted every time. And Missy had to admit Torrance looked really hot in that skimpy cheerleader uniform. How many nights had she laid there in bed and fingered herself to climax while thinking about Torr in her cheerleader outfit? More than she could remember. God! How could any woman have this kind of effect on her?

But Torrance sure did. Missy couldn't think straight when that girl was around. She had trouble breathing and her palms got all sweaty. It was so romance-novel! The reason she even bothered with cheerleading when the rest of the squad made it clear she wasn't welcome was so she could be with Torr, spend time with her. She had warmed up to being a cheerleader, even liked it, but in the beginning her motives had nothing to do with showing her school spirit. It was about Torr.

And now she had Torr in her bed!

It was torture. Having Torrance this close to her was slowly killing her! Feeling the warmth of that body next to her, smelling her perfumed hair. God! Missy was going out of her mind! She was reminded of a story she had to read for English class about a monkey's paw that would grant wishes, but with a catch. Well she was living that story now. She wished for Torrance to share her bed. And poof! There she was! But Missy couldn't have her. It was so unfair!

But as painful as it was to have Torrance in bed with her and not be able to touch her, being away from Torrance hurt even more.

Part of her wanted to come clean about how she felt. Even if Torrance rejected her she couldn't feel worse than she did now. And she would at least have a little peace of mind. No what-ifs to deal with. But Missy knew she could never tell Torr the truth. What good what it do her? Torrance had a boyfriend, so it wasn't like she even had a shot with her anyhow. Even if Torr were single it wouldn't matter. Torrance was straighter than narrow. And though she denied it, Missy could see Torrance was attracted to Cliff. So what would be the point?

Missy grunted in frustration. She couldn't take much more of this! To feel Torrance this close to her and not be able to hold that warm body in her arms? It was more than she could handle. But . . . what if? No. She couldn't do that. Missy tried to stop the thought before it could gel. But it was too late now. What if she snuggled closer? Just for a moment? That was innocent enough, right? She just wanted to pretend for a minute, to know what it would be like if she and Torrance happened. She wouldn't violate Torr or anything nasty like that. It would be exactly what they were doing now, sleeping together. Just closer.

Taking a deep breath to calm her shaky nerves, Missy snuggled up behind Torr. She immediately realized what a mistake that was. It just made things worse! Torrance felt so good pressed against her! Even better than she ever imagined! That cute little butt fit perfectly between her thighs, like it belonged there.

Missy whimpered. She didn't think it was possible to be in Heaven and Hell at the same time, but was she ever proving that now. How else could she describe it? The softness of Torrance's body against hers was heavenly. But knowing this was all she could ever have was sheer hell. And the longer they stayed that way, the more delightful and painful it became.

But Missy couldn't pull away just yet.

Though it was risky, Missy put her arm around Torrance's slim waist and sighed. God! This was so nice! She wished the two of them could be like this forever! How wonderful that would have been, their bodies spooned together like lovers. So what if it was all an illusion? Missy didn't care. She wanted this too much. Holding Torrance just felt so right, even if the blonde wasn't in love with her. So how could she let go? She couldn't. Not yet, at least. Just one more minute.

But one minute became two . . . then five . . . then ten. Missy just couldn't bring herself to pull away. And then, losing her mind completely, she pressed her lips to the back of Torrance's neck.

"Mmmmmm," Torrance murmured, "it's about time."

Missy froze. Oh God! No! Please let that have been her imagination running wild! But then Torrance slowly turned in her arms and stared at her in the darkness. Missy couldn't believe this was happening! After weeks of wanting to get close to Torrance she now wanted to run as far away from her as possible.

"I, uh, can explain," Missy whispered.

"You don't have to," Torrance said. "I figured it out ten minutes ago."

"I'm sorry."

Torrance smiled. "That's too bad. Because I'm not."

Before Missy could voice her surprise Torrance leaned forward and kissed her. The kiss was soft and sweet. At least it started out that way. Missy delighted in the lushness of Torr's mouth, the softness of those lips. She had imagined kissing them a thousand times and more but no figment of her imagination could hold a candle to the real thing. It was amazing. Torrance was an incredible kisser. And as their kiss deepened it went from soft and sweet to hard and passionate. Then Torrance's darting tongue found hers and Missy groaned into the kiss. Torrance pulled back to look at her. Both of them were panting for breath.

"Do you want me?" Torrance asked softly.

Missy nodded.

Torrance smiled and said, "All you ever had to do was say so."

"I want you," Missy whispered, pulling Torrance to her. "I want you."

Their lips met again in a searing, white-hot kiss. Missy couldn't believe this! Was she dreaming? If so, Missy hoped she never woke up! But it wasn't a dream. The impatient hands sliding over her made that clear enough and when Torrance cupped her breast and squeezed it Missy groaned with pent-up need. She pushed Torrance flat on the bed and sidled up next to her, bending down to kiss that lush mouth again as she slid her hand up Torr's flat tummy to paw at her breast. Now it was Torrance who moaned.

"Missy," Torrance muttered between kisses. "I want you, too."

Missy sighed. How long had she been hoping to hear that? It seemed like ages. She kissed Torrance again then pulled back and slowly peeled off her tank-top. Arousal flared in Torrance's eyes as she bared her breasts. Missy grinned. She longed to feel Torrance's mouth on them, sucking on her rock-hard nipples.

But first she helped Torr out of her pajama top.

Torrance had the most luscious breasts. The sight of those perfect little mounds had Missy drooling like an infant. She gazed down at Torrance with deep longing as she took a breast in hand and brushed the pad of her thumb over the nipple. Torrance sighed in answer. The look of pleasure on her face was amazing. Missy stroked Torr's pebble of a nipple to erection then bent down and took the firm nub into her mouth and sucked it. Torrance groaned and arched off the bed to push more of that sweet tit into her mouth. Missy gladly accepted the offer. She flicked Torr's nipple with her tongue, licking and kissing it to a chorus of soft gasps and urgent moans. She moved from one breast to the other, sucking each one in turn, dragging sigh after sigh across Torr's lips.

While stuffing her face with tit Missy slipped a hand between Torr's legs and started rubbing Torr's slit through the thin fabric of her pajama bottoms. Torrance moaned for more. Even through the flannel pajamas Missy could feel how wet Torr was for her. She ground the butt of her palm into Torrance's slit. Torrance groaned again.

"Please," Torrance muttered. "Please . . . touch me!"

Missy couldn't ignore a request like that! She eased her hand down the front of Torr's pajama bottoms and raked her fingers over the head cheerleader's pussy. Mmmmm. It was sopping wet! And it felt so wonderful under her fingertips! God! Missed purred around the nipple in her mouth as she ran the tip of her finger up and down Torr's cleft. She kept right on teasing Torr's hot, wet pussy until the blonde was whining pitifully. Then she gently slid two fingers inside.

"Yes . . ." Torrance panted. "Yes . . ."

Keeping her mouth around Torr's breast for the moment, Missy pumped her fingers in and out of Torrance's cunt. She could feel it tightening with each deep thrust, and with each spasm Torrance moaned a little louder. Missy nipped at Torr's breast one more time then moved up to kiss her again without ever taking her fingers away. Torrance returned the kiss with a hunger that had Missy whimpering with need. But she continued fucking Torrance all the same. She used her thumb to tease Torr's clit while she slammed into her with two fingers. Torrance moaned and bucked against her. She had a desperate woman on her hands!

Missy laughed between kisses. "You need to come, baby?"

"Yes," Torrance muttered. "Please!"

"But I really wanted to go down on you," Missy said. She flicked Torr's clit with her thumbnail. "Would it be okay if I did that first?"

"Oh God!" Torrance cried. "Yes!"

Missy kissed Torrance hard on the mouth then inched lower down the bed. She hastily yanked off Torr's pajama bottoms and pushed those creamy legs apart so she could get at her brimming pussy. It looked absolutely delicious. Definitely good enough to eat. And Missy did just that. She dropped her head between Torr's spread legs and buried her face in that warm, wet cunt. Another dream come true. Missy lapped at Torr's pussy, licking up and down the length of her slit before slipping inside. Mmmmm! What a yummy, yummy cunt! Missy wanted to stay there forever! She wondered if Torrance would mind if she decided to lick that pussy until the end of time. From the way Torrance squirmed underneath her, Missy seriously doubted the blonde cheerleader would object to her plan.

That suited her just fine. Missy could never get tire of tongue-fucking Torr's cunt. She pushed her tongue deeper and deeper, leading Torrance back to the edge of release. Torrance squealed with pleasure, bouncing wildly on the bed. She was close. Missy could feel it. She used her fingers to expose Torr's clit from its protective hood then flicked the hardened little nub with her tongue. Torrance sucked in a sharp breath. Oh yeah. That was the hot spot, all right. Missy circled Torr's clit with her tongue then pressed her lips to the small pebble and sucked it. She brought Torr to orgasm just like that, sucking that throbbing clitty until she was drowning in a tsunami of sweet juices. But even that didn't satisfy her. She wanted more and more. Torrance actually had to pull her off. Fingers tangled in her hair lifted her face from that sweetest of cunts and pulled her into a kiss.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Torrance laughed.

"No way," Missy said, kissing her again. "If I did, you couldn't do me."

"That's awfully presumptuous," Torrance said. She rolled them both over and pinned her shoulders to the bed like an all-state wrestler. The look of mischief in Torr's eyes took Missy's breath away. "Just what makes you think I'm gonna do you now, anyway?"

Missy answered by grabbing a fistful of blonde hair and pulling Torr's mouth to hers. She heard a soft whimper but wasn't sure of it was Torrance or her. God! She loved kissing this woman! Their tongues danced over and around each other until the need to breathe forced them to come up for air.

"Now what was that?" Missy asked playfully. "I don't think I heard you right. Did you say you were going to eat me right now or what?"

"Yeah," Torrance said, grinning. "That's exactly what I said."

The two of them shared a knowing look then their lips met in another kiss. Missy ran her fingers through Torr's long, blonde hair, delighting in the softness of her lips . . . lips that moved down to her breast and closed around a nipple. She purred like a kitten as Torrance took each breast in turn, sucking them, licking them, coaxing one deep sigh after another from her trembling lips. Torrance would flick her nipples with that very capable tongue then suck them. Her tits were aching from all the attention Torr was giving them!

But that was nothing compared to the ache between her legs! How she wanted to have Torrance's mouth on her pussy!

Either Torr read her mind or could hear the desperation in her soft cries because the blonde head cheerleader kissed a zigzagging path down her belly. Missy sighed as those kisses moved closer and closer to the heat of her cunt. She was on fire with need! And when Torrance hooked a finger under the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down Missy groaned deep in her throat. Oh God. Torrance was going to lick her! She spread her legs wide to give Torr lots of room and Torrance quickly took advantage of it, settling between her thighs. Missy slammed her head back against the pillow as Torr went down on her. Mmmm! It was incredible! Torrance had a real talent for eating pussy. That wonderful tongue slithered over her netherlips then disappeared between them, exploring the depths of her cunt with zeal.

Missy glanced down at the blonde head bobbing up and down between her legs. God! She could hardly believe this was really happening! But whenever she doubted that Torrance's probing tongue would tease a moan out of her and she would be reminded all over again that this was all very real. The pangs in her gut seconded that. Missy clutched at the bedcovers as Torr licked her to the edge of climax. God, yes! She was going to come . . . she was going to come all over Torrance's pretty face. Her clit felt like it had swollen to the size of a grape and it seemed like forever before Torrance even paid attention to it. But when she did, Torrance made it the center of all her attention. Missy screeched in ecstasy as Torrance attacked her throbbing clit with flicks of that delightful tongue. The dull pain in the pit of her belly grew more intense until Missy was practically sobbing for relief. And when that relief finally came, it did so with a vengeance. Torrance latched onto her clit and sucked her off to a blistering orgasm that left her gasping for breath long after the last tremors rippled through her being.

But Torrance wasn't finished with her yet. Missy grunted with approval as the blonde cheerleader turned around and maneuvered into a sixty-nine position. God! Even as she fought to catch her breath Missy suddenly found herself with Torr's mouth on her again and that cute little butt waving in her face. This was better than a dream! Missy grabbed Torrance's lovely ass with both hands and flicked her tongue over Torr's asshole. She heard a soft moan waft up from between her legs. Something told her Torrance would like that! Missy circled the tight ring of Torr's asshole with her tongue then gently eased inside. The head cheerleader groaned and rocked back against her for more. Missy was certainly eager to oblige her! She fucked Torrance up the ass with her tongue, pushing deeper and deeper until her face was buried in that sweet ass. Torrance echoed each thrust with one of her own and Missy grunted into Torr's ass as the blonde hungrily licked out her pussy.

Missy dragged her tongue from Torrance's ass to the dripping wet cunt just below it and quickly lost herself in Torr's slick folds. The room soon filled with the muffled sounds of their lovemaking . . . grunts and gasps . . . moans and sighs. The two of them devoured each other until the wee hours of the morning, bringing each other to one climax after another. And while their mutual desire never ebbed exhaustion did at last get its hooks in them.

Snuggled under the covers once again, Missy held Torrance tightly in her arms. Their naked, sweaty, sticky bodies fit together like puzzle pieces. It couldn't have been more perfect. As the two of them drifted off, Missy dropped a loving kiss on Torr's shoulder. She had no idea what would happen with them come the light of day, but she could at least go to sleep with the woman she loved in her arms.