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Stealing Beauty
Francis Quina

Missy kneels on the floor, looks up as Torrance mounts her crotch unto her face. She lets her taste a champion, feel velvet against her tongue, probe a hidden truth.

The blonde moans, arches up and holds a good handful of her brown hair and with it pulls her away. She bends waist down and kisses her hard on the mouth, bites her lower lips intentionally.

"Spread it wide!" she orders Missy, who simply follows her lead. She lies down and opens her legs wide, showing off her nice pink cunt. Torrance gets on all fours and licks the pink partition of flesh before her. With one hand she rubs it. Gently at first like she does with her own.

The tiny bump of flesh and nerve and orgasm found, she blows on the clit. Touches it slightly with the wet tip of her tongue.

"You like that don't you?"

Missy lets out a sigh of yes as Tor puts one finger in her mouth. Glazes it with her spit and points it delicately against the aching opening. The brunette on the floor moans, as the blonde draws it in and out of her. Missy wants a continuance, repetitions of the same movements. She gets an addition of one finger and she likes it better, faster.

The newbie tells this to Torrance, who gives because that is what she is, a giver.

Go! Go! Go! she thinks coming. Once, twice, thrice.

She feels Tor's tongue licking her, cleaning her.

Initiating her into the team.

Missy knew she was going to like being a cheerleader in this team.