It's been said before, but it always bears repeating.

Oz is rad.

From the bead bracelets and chipped nail polish to the locked cages and excessive body hair, from the understated rock star to the zen underachiever, everything about him is just...


And because of his radicalness, maybe that's why it's not so hard to imagine him with other guys. Surely that mellow exterior would mean that he wouldn't pass up any homoerotic encounter that came his way, would it?

So here we have a tribute. To that little maddening genius we've come to love.


Laconic is a slash (homosexual/homoerotic/homoromantic) fanfiction archive. It also contains sexually explicit material. If the possibility of coming across sex and the definite knowledge that you will come across homosexuality offends, it would be in your best interests to seek another site.

If you're still interested, you can begin by searching through the titles of stories, see which authors we have, pick a story by pairing, or read up on some series. You can also see our nifty extras, or find out some info about this set-up. And if you want to ever come back here, just click on Oz. He knows the way home.


Are they usually like this?
No, we're usually laconic.