Oz was loading the last of the music equipment in to his van, the amp. He heard a strange sound, and turned around, only to see darkness (cliché?). He suddenly felt his hold on the amp slipping, and it was about to crash to the ground, when he saw two hands reach under and catch it. The mysterious person with the hands set it in the van roughly, Oz looked up to see his face.


Oz backed away quickly, not sure where to go. It was a large abandoned parking lot (cliché?), belonging to the abandoned warehouse (cliché?) that the Dingoes practiced in.

Angelus quickly had him pinned up against the brick wall of the warehouse. He grabbed on to his loose T-shirt, and bunched it up, getting right in his face.

Oz was scared, and not sure what to say.

"Uhhh, hi Angel," He managed to creak out, weakly.

"You have a secret," Angelus said, his face right next to Oz's. He felt the boys warm breath on his neck.

"Nope, I have no secrets, my life is an open book. See, I'm readable," Oz said, nervously.

"Drusilla can see things, she said there was something very special about you. I think she explained it as your being "embraced by the moon"," Angelus said, he slid his tongue in to Oz's ear , Oz's eyes went wide, "You're about to be embraced by something completely different."

Oz's eyes went even wider, as Angelus nipped at his ear.

Angelus crushed his body even more in to Oz's, and Oz felt Angelus erection through his tight leather pants.

Oz squirmed, trying to break loose, but Angelus was much stronger, and held him pinned. Angelus reached his large hands down, and he worked at the zipper...he got impatientl, so he just pulled them down roughly, along with his boxers.

Angelus slipped his hands around OzŐs back, and cupped his butt. Oz felt himself becoming aroused, surprisingly, and silently yelled at himself to not be (cliché?).

Angelus pinned Oz's chest down with one arm, as he began to free his now-huge erection form his tight, restraining, leather pants (cliché?). Oz's eyes went wide, yet again, at the size of the vampires cock. Angel looked at Oz, and his brow furrowed in confusion.

"Aren't you going to scream, or say something like 'get away from me you sick bastard'?" Angel asked, looking at Oz, whose only response so far was wide eyes and a little squirming. He was accustomed to a bit of a fight.

"Umm, stop, please don't?'s that?"

Angelus shrugged.

"Yeah, it'll do." Angelus lost the heavy black coat, and got back to it.

Angelus grabbed Oz by his ass again, roughly, and crushed his mouth down on the young boy's. His tongue charging in to Oz's mouth. There tongues wrestled briefly (cliché?). Angelus sucked Oz's tongue in to his mouth, and nipped it. His mouth began to fill up with his blood, and he sucked on it hungrily. Mmmm, tongue blood.

Angelus got a bit tired of the Pre-show though, and withdrew from the kiss, which had apparently lasted longer than heŐd thought, because Oz was gasping for air.

He turned Oz around, and Oz braced himself for what was about to happen when he felt Angelus' hard cock against his ass. Angelus was about to enter, when he decided not to be so cruel (rare). He licked his fingers, and stuck them in the tight passage. One finger, and then another, and then he slid a third finger (cliché?). Oz groaned a bit...oh good, a reaction.

After a few seconds, Angelus was satisfied, and he withdrew his fingers.

Angel guided his cock to Oz's tight hole, he thrust in completely. Oz screamed in pain, and strangely in pleasure. Angelus might have wet his fingers, but saliva is nothing like Vaseline. Angelus grinned, getting even more pleasure out of the pain he was causing, then out of the actual act itself. He withdrew slightly, and pounded back in to Oz, Oz groaned and bit down on his lip.

Angelus hugged Oz around the waist, as he began a rhythmic pounding. He felt the friction lessen, and realized that he had made Oz bleed. At that thought, he came, shooting his cold semen deep ( cliché?) in to Oz. Angelus grinned, and pulled his softening cock out of Oz. He pulled up his pants, and zipped them. He ran his hand across Oz's cheek softly.

"Listen here wolfy, don't fuck with me...that's my job," Angelus said and smirked.

Angelus walked off in to the shadows, the last Oz saw was him was the cherry of the cigarette he'd lit.

Oz stood up, and pulled his pants up.

"Huh," Oz said and shrugged.