Peanut Butter And Personality Quandries

Oz smiled at Xander's plea from Willow to help him with the peanut butter jar. One of the most simple containers in the world to open, and Xander couldn't seem to get a grasp on it. Oz intercepted the PB jar as Xander started to pass it on to Willow, and he gave it one hard twist, passing the open container to Buffy.

Xander gave Oz a somewhat dirty look, but it settled when Oz said, winking at Xander, "Well, never would have been able to get it if it weren't for Xander loosening it."

"Thank you ever so much, my men of manliness." Buffy smirked, and finished making the rest of the sandwiches, handing them off.

They all moved to the Summers' dining room, where Buffy and the gang sat down to eat their PB&J sandwiches.

"So, did you two have anything planned for your one year anniversary?" Buffy looked to Willow and Oz.

"Well, we we're still deciding whether or not our first date was really our first date, and then we just decided to go mini-golfing in two weeks, 'cause that's the anniversary of our date that...counts." Willow said quickly, taking a sip of orange juice after she was done with her peppy outpouring of plans. Oz just nodded.

"Willow, you did bring Amy didn't you?" Buffy asked, picking the edges off her sandwich.

Willow smiled widely. "Yeah, she's in her home...I even brought along some of those colorful wooden chew sticks if she gets bored."

"So, you really think this time it'll work?" Buffy picked at the corners of her bread.

"Yeah, it might take a while." Willow turned to Oz and Xander, "You guys might wanna just go on home. I doubt you'll find a lot to do here while we try to make a human outta Amy again."

Oz and Xander exchanged looks, and Joyce broke in, "I could give you boys a ride home."

Willow shook her head, "Oz has his van, he might as well just drive Xander home too. Wouldn't want to bother with two trips." Joyce nodded, and headed back off to the kitchen.

Oz turned to Xander, asking inquisitively, "So, ready to go home, or you wanna help Miss Summers arrange her doilies and get rid of her posters for 'MOO'?"

Xander answered slowly, "I don't suppose I could wait it out to see Amy in the nude?" Xander cracked a lame smile, and Buffy hit him on the arm, with little force. Xander sighed, "Okay, let's go Oz."

Xander and Oz stood up, Oz giving Willow a kiss good-bye. They exchanged last nervous glances, and left the house, walking to the van quickly.

It didn't take long after they'd started riding for Xander to mumble under his breath, "I need to get me my own car."

Oz smirked.

They rode for a few minutes until Oz broke in to the silence, "I think we should talk."

Xander paused before talking, "About what...which kryptonite makes Superman kiss other guys?"

Oz breathed out lightly, "I'm leaning towards the pink."

"Accurate," Xander said, a harsh breaking quality to his voice. Oz turned the corner sharply.

"Come on man, I'm having flashbacks to 'Red Asphalt'," Xander said, as sharply as Oz had turned the corner.

"Me and my driving don't like awkward situations," Oz said calmly.

"Then maybe I should get out and walk," Xander said, and smiled at Oz lamely.


"Well?" Xander looked to Oz expectantly.


"I can't get out if you don't stop the van."

"Probably not. Want to try?"

"You're cute, Oz," Xander said with sugary sarcasm. "Why don't you stop the van?"

"I know I'm cute. You are too." Oz turned the corner, slowly inching his way to Xander's house.

"That wouldn't feel as weird if you calling me cute was more of a...cute in a little wry whippersnapper way. Or was it? I can never tell."

"Oh, you're a guttersnipe, but you've got a great smile, and curvaceous eyelashes too."

"So it's a double-meaning? Gee, how nifty. You know, I'm sure you tell that to all of your girlfriend's best friends."

"Nope." Oz turned to Xander, "I know you're still confused. So am I. I only know my motives weren't purely hormonal when I kissed you."

"Oh, I see, it was more of a charity thing since you thought I needed the attention?"

"In part. I wouldn't call it charity, though. Charity is too giving of a word. People do things for others because they like the way it makes them feel. That in itself is a form of self-serving." Oz paused, not used to the stresses talking does to his facial muscles. "I figured you needed someone to reveal the mystery of one of your personality quandaries."

"I'm not gay." Xander scowled at Oz. "I know that's what you're saying."

Oz shrugged, "Whatever."

Oz stopped, having finally reached Xander's house. He stopped the engine, and turned towards Xander. He eyed the other boy, and began to speak, "If you didn't think about it, you would have simply confronted me about it, or you wouldn't be so phased, or something."

Xander shook his head, and his thigh started to fidget. He reached down with his hand to still it, non-successfully. Oz tentatively reached out, placing his hand over Xander's to steady it. "Do ya gotta do that, man?"

"This van doesn't take shaking well. It rocks unnaturally by the smallest vibration. We could tip over."

"You're being cute with me again."

Oz shrugged. "Cute?"

Xander sighed, "Cute: you're a brat, but you've got great hair, and intriguing, deep eyes."

"You could also say that about Angel."

"I shouldn't say that about either of you."

Oz smiled slightly, and ran a hand up the side of Xander's head, softly fingering the duck-bill forming at the back of Xander's hair, and around to his cheek. Xander shuddered. Oz withdrew his hand, "Maybe you should..." Oz was interrupted by a horn honking, and a man yelling at him for being parked on the wrong side of the street. Oz finished his thought, "Go in."

Xander nodded, agreeing quickly and opening up the front door. He jumped down off the seat, this time landing on his feet, and shut the passenger side door. "Bye." Xander said awkwardly, waving to Oz slightly as he went up the walk to his house. He entered the front door, and closed his eyes as he heard Oz's van pull off.

He couldn't accept it. Not in others, and certainly not in himself. Not now...or yet.