Angel was still sleeping when Oz swung his legs out from under the duvet and got up. The guitarist decided to leave him to slumber; he would have a busy few days ahead. Xander's bachelor party was that day, and the wedding was the next, and Angel was to be an honoured guest at both. Oz still hadn't decided if he was going to the wedding, let alone Xander's Party, but after what Xander had said that morning he doubted that he would be welcome at either.

However, one thing was clear. He needed to speak to Xander himself. Sort it out once and for all. First, though, he needed to wash. He wandered through to the en-suite shower room and turned the dial, lukewarm water coursing down his body. He stood like that for a few minutes, just enjoying the feel of the water on his skin. He was about to stop, and grab one of the little sachets of shampoo the hotel provided, when he felt a hand on his side, and Angel's lips gently caressing his neck. The hand tickled, and Oz flinched, smiling. Angel's grip tightened, and his teeth scraped along the taut skin at Oz's shoulder. Another hand moved round to Oz's front, moving up the werewolf's torso to his chest, squeezing the sensitive nub that it found. Oz let out a gasp of pleasure, and bent his head back so that his mouth could meet with Angel's, but the head was no longer there. The fingers slipped down through the short blonde hairs that ran down the centre of his body, to the little hollow on his stomach, just above the little trail of fur which led to his now very stiff cock. For a few seconds nothing happened, and there was just the sound of the water and of Oz's breathing. Then Angel's tongue snaked into the hollow between his legs to lick the puckered opening within. The smaller man gave a strangled shout that was as much surprise as it was pleasure. He threw a hand against the cool tiles on the wall to steady himself as his knees buckled to the new sensation.

Moaning softly as Angel's tongue sent fireworks off in his mind, Oz put a hand along his length, desperate for release, only for Angel to bat it away. The licking stopped and Oz felt Angel stand up and loom over him again. The redhead turned round in the jet of water and looked up at the vampire's face, beads of water trickling down his forehead, and then reached up to pull Angel's lips to his. The two embraced, and Oz felt Angel's erection against his skin. A thought crossed his mind and the smaller man grabbed one of the shampoo sachets. Ripping it open he smeared some of the goo onto his hand. Angel raised an eyebrow, then, realising what Oz intended, the vampire reached into the bathroom to where his little toiletries bag sat on a small shelf between the shower and a sink. He rummaged around in it and pulled out a small foil packet. He tore that open and unrolled the condom onto himself. Meanwhile Oz used the shampoo to lubricate himself, then coated Angel with what was left. The werewolf jumped up and wrapped himself around Angel, and with a little shifting of position was able to ease himself onto the larger man. Oz tried to move up and down on Angel, and was rewarded by appreciative grunts from his partner. Angel wasn't very good at keeping his balance, however, and staggered slightly as Oz got more enthusiastic, bouncing the smaller man off the tiled wall.


"Let's move this into the bedroom."

"I'm not going to be blamed for your damp sheets."

"Shut up."

Angel silenced Oz with another kiss then carried him through to the bed, and lay on his back, leaving Oz on top.

"I like this better."

"I thought I told you to shut up. It isn't usually a problem."

Oz just grinned, and kissed Angel again, letting his fingers explore Angel's chest. He looked into the vampire's eyes and opened his mouth to say something.


Then he remembered what happened the last time he said that to someone, and closed it again. But it didn't change what he felt in his heart.


Some thirty minutes later the maid stopped at the room opposite Angel's to change the sheets when she heard two orgasmic moans. She snickered, and then tutted when she realised she'd have to change those sheets too...


Oz finished his shower, and dressed. After splashing a little cold water on his face, he stole some of Angel's copious supplies of mousse and smoothed his hair into the traditional spiky style. Moving back through to the main room, he looked at the dozing vampire, wrapped in damp bedclothes. Under his breath he whispered, "I love you," before heading out of the door. He didn't see the faint smile that crossed Angel's lips.


Willow Rosenberg sipped her coffee and looked out from under the umbrella that shaded her table at the bustle of Sunnydale. Her mother was saying something about flowers, but Willow stopped listening when she saw a figure slope through the crowds.

"Oz..." she said, and dropped her cup.