Some Kind Of Bliss

"So why tell me?" Angel asked, as he and Oz walked to the hotel.

Oz ran a hand through his auburn hair. "I don't know for sure. You're not Buffy or Willow or Xander, so you're not closely involved but you know them enough that I don't have to explain everything to you. And I just needed to tell someone. It was cathartic, I suppose."

"It was certainly surprising."

"Which part?"

"Most of it. I never figured Xander'd be your type."

"Because he's a he?"

"Yeah, that."

"Angel, I own more nail polish than Willow and Buffy put together."

Angel laughed, "Point taken. But it was less that, and more that he's, well, Xander"

Oz smiled at that comment. "He can be sweet when he wants to be, beneath that wise-cracking exterior."

"If you say so."

Surprising himself, Oz added, "And besides, I've always had a weakness for the tall, dark and handsome type."

Without skipping a beat, Angel replied "I've always preferred someone smaller than me." Both men were now looking ahead as they walked.

"And blonde. You like blondes."

"They don't have to be blonde."

"What about redheads?"

"Yeah, I like redheads too. Small redheads are good."

There was a pause. Oz seemed to be thinking hard about something. Then, quietly, he said, "Angel, are you talking about me or Willow?"

Angel stopped dead, and turned to look at Oz. "That depends. Do you want me to be talking about you?"

Oz held the gaze. "I'd like it. But I didn't think you were..."

"Hey, don't limit me. I'm nearly 300. There isn't much I haven't tried." He suddenly grinned, saying, "Buffy's not the only blonde that I've had a thing for, you know."

"And let me guess: he was no stranger to peroxide."

Angel just kept grinning.

Oz looked at the ground. "Angel, there hasn't been anyone since... well, everything."

Angel's smile vanished. "Sorry, Oz, I didn't mean to..."

Oz looked up again, and into Angel's eyes, cutting the other man short. They looked at each other for a moment. It was an instant, a few seconds, but everything slowed, as each tried to work out if and when and how to make the first move. Angel bobbed his head forward, awkwardly, hesitatingly. Oz held his breath, and moved up to meet Angel's mouth with his own. They met, and separated just as quick, both checking the other's face for permission to meet again. They met again, feeling the surge of pleasure as their lips touched, the scratch of stubble across their cheeks, the pressure of another's body as it was held tight.

Oz, unsurprisingly, was the first to come up for air. "Where's that hotel room of yours?"


Oz laid his head on Angel's ample chest. It was cool, but not unpleasantly so, and with Angel's fingers ruffling his hair, it was a very nice place for Oz to be. Sex with Angel had been so much different than sex had been with Xander. Xander had been demanding -- selfish, even. Oz had been expected to do all the work. That had all changed with Angel.

Angel had taken Oz into his room, and undressed the smaller man slowly. The larger man's fingers and mouth went exploring, running and licking over what seemed like every part of Oz's body. The vampire had spent a long time suckling Oz's nipples in particular, coaxing each one erect with tender nips of his teeth and gentle flicks of his tongue. Oz groaned all the while in pleasure. For his part, Oz found that Angel had very sensitive nipples, bucking his hips and grunting as Oz had taken them between his fingers and pinched. They'd carried on like that for a while, naked and just rubbing and kissing and touching, trying to find the right buttons to press. It seemed like natural progression when both had found their heads at each other's groin.


Oz shouldn't have been surprised to find that Angel was even bigger than Xander, but he was anyway. Angel absently thought that he might have been longer, but Oz's was fatter. But that thought went away as his tongue darted out to lick away the drop of precum. The sensation had the effect of clearing Oz's mind too.

Oz's hand ran down Angel's back, into the hollow at its base and brushed the opening within, causing the vampire to spasm and moan. Both were bucking hard, as all the rubbing and fondling and touching began to build to a peak. Oz knew he couldn't last much longer and tried to back away, but Angel simply hauled him closer. The younger man gasped and moaned as his climax rushed through his body, his seed pumping into Angel's mouth. Angel followed suit a few seconds later, grunting hard, before disengaging from Oz and moving around so that their heads were level. They kissed again, exchanging a mixture of saliva and semen.


A combination of the day's driving, the sex and the sensation of Angel's fingers in his hair lulled Oz to sleep. He was happier than he had been in a long time.


Loud knocking woke Oz up. Angel was out of bed, pulling on a gown and moving to the door. The person on the other side shouted, "Deadboy? Are you in there? Angel?"

Oz sat up in the bed. It was Xander.