Sweet Dreams

The fog of dreams cleared from Oz's mind. Eyes still closed to the morning light, he smiled as he felt the warmth of another body next to his, and nuzzled into its source.

"Oz," said Xander, softly.

Oz's eyes flickered open and he whispered, "Yeah?"

"It's after ten. We should get moving." Xander lay in the bed next to Oz, his hair tousled from sleep and the night before.

"We don't have to be out of the room until eleven," said Oz, with a smile.

For a long moment Xander did nothing except look back at Oz. Then, he swallowed, and got out of the bed. He pulled on his boxer shorts, avoiding looking at the other man, and said, "We best get going. Wouldn't want to be stuck in the, uh, lunchtime traffic."

"Sure," said Oz, although he wasn't. In silence the two packed their belongings and left the room. With Xander driving, they hit the New Mexican highway; both absorbed in their own thoughts.


Oz set off from Macauley in his hired Chrysler early on the Wednesday before Xander and Willow's wedding, leaving Maggie in the capable hands of Mr and Mrs Marshall from next door, and having secured some time off from Mr. Green. It would take until Thursday night at least to reach Sunnydale, so he turned up the stereo and settled in for a long drive.


The soft tones of Sheryl Crow played on the radio as the car sped along the highway. Apart from a few cursory phrases, neither man had spoken since leaving the motel. Xander, wearing sunglasses, stared straight ahead; it occurred to Oz that Xander could actually be asleep and he wouldn't know, not until Xander started to snore.

Oz himself was pensive. He couldn't stop thinking about the previous night, and the thought that it might never happen again. He didn't like that thought. Not one bit. But, with Xander acting as he had done that morning, it didn't look likely.

They drove on for a few miles more, until it occurred to Oz that if Xander were going to send him home, he'd have done so by now. As the thought ran through his mind, he turned and looked at Xander, and then, on an impulse, leaned toward him and licked his ear.

"Hey!" said Xander, batting at Oz ineffectually.

Oz licked again, trailing the tip of his tongue around the edge of Xander's ear down to the cheek. Xander mumbled, "Stop that," although he neither turned to face Oz, nor did anything physically to stop him. Oz ignored him, and pushed his lips against Xander's stubble. The smaller man then moved his left arm around and cupped Xander's crotch. Xander was already hard, and Oz squeezed the length. Xander let out a soft moan. It was permission.

Oz pulled the zip on Xander's jeans, still nibbling at Xander's ear, and using his other arm to balance. Xander continued to look dead ahead at the deserted highway, running his tongue along his dry lips. Reaching into Xander's trousers Oz pulled out the erection, and ran his hand up and down the shaft.

Stroking the cock with a little pressure, Oz moved his mouth down to Xander's neck and kissed the soft flesh there.

"Don't bite, now," said Xander, weakly.

Oz dragged a canine along Xander's skin in response, and continued his slow caress of Xander's length, the recipient gasping in pleasure. Suddenly, Oz's head dipped down and he took Xander's cock into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the head, and then sinking towards the shock of black curls.

The car continued to speed along the highway, although it wobbled slightly now. Inside, Oz's head was bobbing frantically, whilst Xander was thrusting to match. The younger man felt his climax nearing and grabbed Oz's head in the heat of the moment. As the orgasm rushed to his head, his other end spurted seed into Oz's mouth. The car, meanwhile, careered off the road onto the rocky desert, jolting its passengers. It shuddered to a halt as Xander regained enough self-control to apply the brakes.

"Oz, please don't do that when I'm driving," Xander said. Oz just smiled as he sat up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Xander rolled his eyes, and pulled Oz's head to his for a sloppy kiss.


The Chrysler drew up at the motel as Oz decided to call it a day. He'd been driving for nearly twelve hours, and he wanted a shower and a hot meal. His stomach growled, and he opted for food first. The diner was quiet, and he ate his burger meal in silence. He looked out of the window at the main motel building, and realised how similar it was to another he had visited six years previously.


Three weeks had passed with remarkable speed. Oz and Xander had travelled almost as far as New Orleans, though their route was a meandering one. There was still some distance from New Orleans itself, and the sun had long since set when Oz steered the car into the parking lot of the motel. He'd decided to stop at for the night, as Xander was already dozing in the passenger seat, and Oz thought it better that his friend -- lover, he thought, a smile tracing across his lips -- get some decent sleep.

He brought the car to a gentle stop, and organised a room for the night, before nudging Xander awake. The younger boy had been driving for most of the day and was clearly exhausted. Xander got to the hotel room and took enough time to shed his clothes before slipping under the duvet and resuming his slumber.

Oz bent across the sleeping form of Xander and kissed his forehead. Silently, he wondered why it was that everyone looked so much sweeter when they were sleeping. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that they were so vulnerable and so unaware of what they were doing or how they looked.

An idea that made Oz think. Was this a dream? He had never thought that Xander would engage in a romantic relationship with him, let alone a sexual one. Not when Xander, whose rejection quotient seemed already too high, feared so much what others would think of him were he gay. But, despite the initial reluctance of Xander to be an active participant in the relationship, he seemed to be happy enough now. Oz couldn't quite believe it had happened the way that it had, but that it had was enough. Kissing Xander once again, he joined the younger man both in bed, and then in sleep.


He was woken by Xander's lips kissing a line down his neck, and Xander's hand, a little cool to the skin, gently stroking his back. "Hey," Oz whispered, before pushing his own lips to Xander's. He felt Xander's tongue push into his mouth, running along his teeth, and Xander's bristles scraping his chin.

Sliding his arms around the smaller man, Xander pulled their bodies together, his hands running up and down Oz's back, from the base of his neck down to his firm ass. He let his finger slip between the groove to graze the opening, and was rewarded by a thrust of Oz's hips and a grunt of pleasure. He looked into Oz's eyes, and the other man nodded. Reaching over to one of the bags Oz had brought from the car, Xander pulled out a small tube of lube and some condoms, before lying back on the bed.

Oz meanwhile straddled Xander, and dragged his tongue down his chest, and then along the underside of the bigger man's cock. Handed a new condom by Xander, he popped it in his mouth before engulfing all of Xander's length, pulling back up to reveal a freshly protected penis. Xander briefly wondered where Oz had learned to do that, before his mind returned him to the task in hand -- so to speak.

As his left hand smeared lube up and down his own shaft, he was using two of the fingers on his right to push into Oz and lube his partner. Oz arched his back as he felt the fingers push in deep, and then vanish. Then he felt Xander pushing at the opening, and pushed himself onto the stiff length.

Xander began to thrust hard, and Oz tried to match him, his mouth rubbing against Xander's in wet kisses. Xander grasped Oz's cock in his hand and began to pull at the length. Oz gasped in pleasure and dug his nails into Xander's back, using his ass muscles to grip still harder on Xander. The effect of this renewed pressure was to make Xander realise how near he was to the end, and he tried to picture Principal Snyder, and the Master, and the Mayor-demon in an attempt to cool his ardour.

Then Oz took one of Xander's nipples between his fingers and squeezed. Xander forgot about Snyder and the rest and was lost in them moment. He let out a shout, and came, slamming himself into Oz. As he did so he touched a spot Oz didn't realise he had, and the feeling sent the smaller man wild. Xander hands were still frantically rubbing, and the combination of the sensations meant Oz followed suit a few seconds later, gasping.

As the two collapsed into each other's arms Oz whispered, "I love you," into Xander's ear. He was so happy with the moment that he didn't notice when Xander gave no reply...